Nora Speyer and Sideo Fromboluti "A SHARED LIFE IN ART"

Art historian Mary E. Abell, PhD., curates a survey of work by Wellfleet artists Nora Speyer and Sideo Fromboluti this summer at PAAM, featuring landscape paintings and works on paper created by the married couple from 1975-2008.

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Carol Brown Goldberg Showing at Martha’s Vineyard

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Article in “LINEA: The Artists Voice”

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Naomi Campbell featured in Art Students League in NY & LINEA

LINEA: The Artist’s Voice” Naomi Campbell in Art from the Boros III


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Art From The Boros III

July 23 - August 15, 2015
Opens Thursday, July 23, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Denise Bibro Fine Art

Olga Alexander, Feminine Transcriptions, 2013

Acrylic on paper, collage, 30" x 20"


Due to the popular demand from our previous Art From the Boros shows, Denise Bibro Fine Art is excited to announce Art From The Boros III, on view July 23-August 15, 2015.

Out of hundreds of submissions, we traveled the city and pounded the pavement making studio visits to see the work of over 70 applicants, where only forty-plus artist were chosen. Their works are diverse in medium, aesthetics and content. Not only do they come from all socio and economic circumstance, the artists exhibited in this show have varied education backgrounds, from seasoned veterans of the city’s art scene to great undiscovered and self-taught talent. The juxtaposition of styles and media creates a dialogue between a vast amount of work by artists of all ages, practices and cultures, regardless of which Borough they reside.
In a world that often projects galleries as jaded and inaccessible, we are demonstrating that we value and share the desire to keep up with the bustling creativity all around us. Our experience illustrates that one should always be open to thinking outside the box, taking risks, and informing your aesthetic vocabulary – if only to continue to appreciate and understand, or to be brave enough to inform and broaden one’s world and visual horizons. We challenge the viewer to always be open and, of course, enjoy.

Artists Include: 
Olga Alexander, Pat Badt, Whitney Wood Bailey, Marc Brown, Candace Browne, Naomi Campbell, Woody Campbell, Brian Cavanaugh, Jason Cina, Marilyn Davidson, Cara Enteles, Camille Eskell, Laura Fantini, Robert Franca, David Fratkin, Nikki Geula, Yuka Imata, Laura Karetzky, Sol Kjøk, Elizabeth Knowles, Paul Kruger, Olga Lamm, Anthony Locane, Jessica Maffia, Vera Manzi-Schacht, Jo Mar, Stephanie Marcus, Gail Miller, Bruce Minson, Michael Mut, Douglas Newton, Jean-Antoine Norbert, David Outhwaite, Ellen Paxson, Ben Ponté, Aleksander Popovic, Gail Postal, Claudia Sbrissa, Barbara Schaefer, Linda Schmidt, Deborah Simon, Jeff Sundheim, Suprina, Mark Taber, Mariyah Tareen, London Tsai, Ateet Tuli, Martha Walker & Junko Yamada


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