The paintings in “Trees on Patience Brook” are the result of two years of careful observation of the brook that runs near her studio in Wellfleet, MA. Both calm and expressive— calm from the nature of the place itself and Nora’s unavoidable sensitivity to it, and expressive from her naturally intense painterly approach to representing place— Speyer aims to capture the essence of landscape that runs through all individuals. She looks to capture it optically as well as emotionally; analytically and psychologically.


resume (word)

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Nora Speyer (2007)

Nora Speyer

Wild Woods in Summer

Wild Woods in Summer, 2006

Dead Limbs on Patience Brook

Dead Limbs on Patience Brook, 2004


Summer, 2006

Trees, Branches, Bank and Brook

Trees, Branches, Bank and Brook, 2005

Young Tree on the Bank of Patience Brook

Young Tree on the Bank of Patience Brook, 2005

Birch Tree on Patience Brook

Birch Tree on Patience Brook, 2006

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