Fromboluti elevates her work to a new level, as she invites the outside in, choosing dramatic skyscapes as the backdrop to these exquisitely painted still lifes. These skyscapes are painted with a looser hand, conveying movement. Foreboding clouds brood beyond what appears to be a mantelpiece, lending a sense of fragility to the objects, as one imagines they may be swept from their perch by a strong gust.


resume (word)

resume (pdf)


Winter Salon (2010)

Summer Selections (2008)

Iona Fromboluti (2008)

Winter Salon (2008)

Iona Fromboluti


Cover, 2007


Winter, 2007

Timeline 1

Timeline 1, 2007

Drifting Away (diptych)

Drifting Away (diptych), 2007

Restless Sky

Restless Sky, 2007

Summer Moon

Summer Moon, 2007

Foreign Traveler, Mixed Bouquet

Foreign Traveler, Mixed Bouquet, 2007

Dead Air

Dead Air, 2007

Empty Nest

Empty Nest, 2007

Foreign Traveler, Roses

Foreign Traveler, Roses, 2003

Gift of Paris

Gift of Paris, 2007

Resting Under Murky Skies

Resting Under Murky Skies, 2006

Distant Past

Distant Past, 2006

No Honey

No Honey, 2006

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon, 2001

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