Human imagination and intelligence has approached the cosmos with both childlike wonder and exacting science resulting in an inexhaustible resource of cultural myth, mystery and fact. No culture remains untouched by this and its study reveals how mankind sees itself and its role on earth. The sky is multifaceted; a relationship of disorder and order to which we respond by creating legends, myths, scientific instruments, symbols maps, charts and calendars.

Charles Olson is influenced within this dynamic of mystery and fact, finding a source of form, color contrast, spirituality and history. His paintings incorporate floating objects, celestial maps, ex votos and mythical figures capturing the essence of the human experience – knowledge, curiosity and mystery. Olson does not attempt to document the sky as would a traditional landscape artist. Perhaps they are to be seen as “monuments” to that contrast of reason and wonder built through the slow, deliberate process of painting.


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Art on Paper 2016 (2016)

Rooted in Abstract Expressionism (2015)

Summer Selections (2013)

Summer Invitational (2012)

Winter Salon (2012)

Summer Selections (2011)

Winter Salon (2008)

Charles Olson

Yellow Earth: Apparition

Yellow Earth: Apparition, 1999

Ex Voto: Rose

Ex Voto: Rose, 1999

Ex Voto: White Spring

Ex Voto: White Spring, 1999

Large Sphere

Large Sphere, 1999

Yellow Earth: Ruin

Yellow Earth: Ruin, 1999

Ex Voto (Rose)

Ex Voto (Rose), 2007

Ex Voto, Luna

Ex Voto, Luna, 2007

Blue Torque

Blue Torque, 1998

Iraqi Highway

Iraqi Highway, 1997

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, 1997

Hidden Artifact

Hidden Artifact, 1997

L'arbre Breton 20

L'arbre Breton 20, 1995

L'arbre Breton 10

L'arbre Breton 10, 1995

L'arbre Breton 30

L'arbre Breton 30, 1995

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