Wunderman embraces the challenge of organizing disorganization. Although the shapes in her paintings initially appear unrelated, they have a strong compositional structure and rhythm – Choice & Chance are poised in her work not only by her design but by the nature of happenstance. The artist is interested in the phenomena of the things in life that can’t be altered such as our genetic makeup and events that are out of our control. Wunderman’s provocative, exciting works challenge the viewer to see the chances that come along from the artist’s conscious choices.


REVEAL Art Fair (2018)

Out of the Closet (2018)

Gallery I: Titans Within the Rough (2018)

Rooted in Abstract Expressionism (2015)

Summer Selections (2013)

Winter Salon (2012)

Summer Selections (2011)

Winter Salon (2010)

Summer Selections (2009)

Jan Wunderman (2006)

Jan Wunderman

Crap Shoot

Crap Shoot, 2001

Chance or Choice

Chance or Choice, 2001


Flagstaff, 2001

Heads I Win, Tales You Lose

Heads I Win, Tales You Lose, 2001

Starting Over (March)

Starting Over (March), 2000


Spring, 1951

In May

In May, 1994

Union Square #15

Union Square #15, 1991

Beach Storm

Beach Storm, 1991


Roubidoux, 1988


Acoma, 1977

Small Secrets #1

Small Secrets #1, 1995

Wheel of Chance

Wheel of Chance, 1999

Choice & Chance #1

Choice & Chance #1, 2002

Choice & Chance #2

Choice & Chance #2, 2002

Gramercy Park #1

Gramercy Park #1, 1997

Small Talk V

Small Talk V, 1997

All or Nothing at All

All or Nothing at All, 2002

Toss Up

Toss Up, 2001

Small Secrets #2

Small Secrets #2, 1995

Sun Struck

Sun Struck, 1997

Reclining Figure

Reclining Figure, 1964

Foothills II

Foothills II, 1964


Shingen, 1999

Walk to the River

Walk to the River, 1988

Black Figure

Black Figure, 1963


Zinnias, 1975

New York Sunday

New York Sunday, 1994

Thursday Again

Thursday Again, 1997


Piute, 1978

Winterworks II

Winterworks II, 1988




Covina, 1984

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