“Growing up in Colorado, nature is a huge part of my inner life; I cast people as animals, or perhaps use animals as stand-ins. This is a way for me to avoid the issue of race politics. My work has much to do with the idea of vs.— Man vs. animal, machine vs. nature, realism vs. abstraction, old vs. new, finished vs. unfinished, and winning vs. losing. I feel that this apparent confusion is what makes the world interesting. I’m just trying to figure out the surroundings and make sense of things.”

-Boyce Cummings


resume (word)


Gone to the Dogs (2009)

Animus Botanica: (2008)

Boyce Cummings


Sheriff, 2009

Black Trumpet

Black Trumpet, 2008

Red Star Smash

Red Star Smash, 2008

Pink Skies

Pink Skies, 2004


Faster, 2003

Polar Bear

Polar Bear, 2001

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