My work brings together visual data from a variety of cultural sources: old TV cartoons, lottery tickets, internet memes, old candy wrappers, packaging, family photographs, decorative patches and print ads, to name just a few.

I paint elements from these disparate sources, as well as original elements, using a range of styles, from expressionistic to hard-edge, abstract to realistic, or in imitation of a specific industrial arts, graphic arts or international style.

The result of all this is that each of my paintings is a kind of knot in a massive multicultural multitemporal tapestry. My process enacts the hyperconnectedness of this era in which everyone is a cultural processor. We’re forced by circumstance to gather from the elements that constantly stream in from around the world, to break them down and use them to build memories and lives and art and, to the degree that it’s possible, a useful understanding of our place in the world.

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Bill Gusky

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb, 2011

The Fry Cooks Alibi

The Fry Cooks Alibi, 2011

Three Modernists

Three Modernists, 2011

Wood Head

Wood Head, 2011

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