Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown was born and raised outside of Detroit Michigan. One of her earliest memories of making art was as a small child doodling at the kitchen table with her Grandfather. She was always fascinated by the “magic” of art making and greatly admired her older brother’s painting abilities.It was in middle school where she found the ability to zone out on art As the other kids were taking art as an
hour to mess around, she was getting lost in a world that calmed and soothed her. By the time she was through high school she had taken about every art class offered and knew that an art career was in her future.

Tracy attained a bachelors of fine arts and majored in art education at Michigan State University. She learned through a conceptual, expressive based philosophy from a group of inspiring professors. Her program taught
her a lot about art history and explored various materials and methods. It was through her program that she began to develop and understand the importance of a strong work ethic. The lack of focus on formalities
throughout her education has created a sense of working backwards for her. Sometimes feeling like an outsider she continues to push herself to improve her skill and vision.

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Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Tracy Brown

Massive Pile Up

Massive Pile Up, 2012

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