The primary focus of my work is deconstructing myths and incongruities. Using collage as a means of examining social fictions, the medium itself promotes a collusion of realities. The pieces are composed of hundreds of banal images appropriated from sources as varied as vintage advertising, periodicals, children’s school books, and comic books. Dissociating the images from their original use helps to re-evaluate its original message. Otherwise unrelated thoughts and objects are melded together when fragments from our memory are reinvented

Like most Americans I have consumed vast amount of pop culture imagery and fragments of these mass media images remain imprinted in each of us. Piecing together visual fragments of Mid Century Americans myths, these media images are the sharpest illustrations not of reality but of domestic and national ideals reinforcing cultural, gender and racial stereotypes.

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Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Sally Edelstein

Oils Well That Ends Well

Oils Well That Ends Well, 2010

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