Mixed Media Fine Artist I Director-Skylight Gallery NYC

I’m originally from Palm Springs, CA, which in hometown lingo makes me a Desert Rat. I graduated with honors from the University of Redlands, CA and received my MFA from MICA, Mount Royal Gradual School Of Art, Baltimore. My studio is in the historic Hudson Valley, NY, which heavily influences my artworks. I’m currently the Gallery Director for Skylight Gallery NYC on West 29th. I exhibit my art extensively in NYC, in Germany and in the contemporary art town of Beacon, NY, as well as nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, and in private and public collections. I currently sit on the council for the international artist coalition, Mirca Art Group and I’m the PR Director for Beacon Artist Union.

As a mixed media artist, the fluidity of line meandering through deep layers of watery, pooling resin is my visual language. I paint about bodies of water in all of its fascinating states. I use new and unlikely materials, combining them at times with traditional art mediums, pushing those materials constantly into new forms.

Ripple Effect

New Works by Carla Goldberg

When I was a little kid I thought water came magically from the kitchen sink and collected in swimming pools. I was endlessly fascinated by the cool aqua colors and weird patterns of light dancing on the surface and just below, bouncing off the bottom of the pool. I’ve always been drawn to bodies of water and shimmering, moving light.

Ripple Effect is a new mixed media series of paint, ink and resin on acrylic that came about while watching my children dropping balls into a kiddie pool and skipping stones across the Hudson River. Ripple effect plays with the idea of light and shadow, hinting of summer’s cool aqua ease. They are an exploration of water surface, deep shadow, dancing light, and of childhood memories of time spent happily spacing out over water.

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Out of the Closet (2018)

Process (2014)

Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Carla Goldberg

Kennebank Port

Kennebank Port, 2013

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore, 2013

Seaport Blue

Seaport Blue, 2013

Drip Drop - This is Not Water

Drip Drop - This is Not Water, 2011


Waikiki, 2013


Pig, 2012


Frog, 2012

Briar Rabbit

Briar Rabbit, 2012

Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble, 2012


Acapulco , 2014

Cape May

Cape May, 2014

Silly Putty

Silly Putty, 2012

Kewpie Doll

Kewpie Doll, 2012

Alien Pop Up Toy

Alien Pop Up Toy, 2012

Neva River

Neva River, 2014

Wax Lips

Wax Lips, 2012

Hudson River - Early Fog

Hudson River - Early Fog, 2014

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