A neo-romantic in a coarse age of externals, I use the brush and camera as extensions of the inner self, caught in a time and place. Events, environment and studies in philosophy and aesthetics have been dominant in provoking the subjective response. The aesthetic tradition of the Japanese taught the lesson of yojo, or resonance, the expressive power of simplicity, suggestion and nuance in poetic expression so that my images are radically reduced, with shape and color the bases of evocation. In addition the cacophonic complexity of the city environment provoked multi-evocative imagery, while experiences of rural life in various countries promoted the exploration of Satori, the notion of the interrelatedness of all things, and the aesthetic of Yugen, which derives from Noh, which is Zen drama. Yugen is the dark, hidden, mysterious inner natureā€¢ of the self, who can be glimpsed only through the artistic experience. This concept has been the core of my work for the past decade.

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Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Noreen Larinde

Sky Color of Oil 1

Sky Color of Oil 1, 2012

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