Focusing on the fossil fuel nature of our consumption, my work addresses the disastrous effect it has on the food chain and the next generation. By ignoring the cycles of the present ecology, the images of pushing the limit are reminders of our excesses. Where will our food sources come from when we run out of petroleum?

The fish I use in my work are either the scraps from a local fish market or the waste that fishing boats toss overboard after a catch. I also work with found or use-acquired objects in creating this type of Assemblage art. Every week on garbage collection day I bike around the neighborhood selecting plastics that I find in the recycle bins. I collect odd objects that pertain to the fishing and oil industry – the two sources tightly connected in terms of both sustaining and destroying our food system.

This May I graduate with an MFA in Art & Technology from the University of Florida. The title of my thesis is “What Do Dead Fish have to do with Technology?” I hold a BA in Film & Media Studies and an AA in Studio Art. My background includes working as a scenic artist on movie sets, graphic designer and teaching Computer Graphics and Digital Images at UF.


Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Mitzi Lynn Mize

Floundering in Oil & the Cost of Fish

Floundering in Oil & the Cost of Fish, 2011

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