My artistic practice is informed by the New Topography movement which sought to
document the environmental results of industrial production. The enclosed pieces explore the consequences of unchecked corporate malfeasance combined with bureaucratic

I strive to engage viewers initially through the stark visual qualities of the sites
photographed, creating an inner dialogue hopefully full of questions. My work has taken
me to abandoned steel mills in Cleveland, shoe factories in Providence and former battery
manufacturing complexes in rural Ohio.

My most recent project, visually documents the environs of Detroit, a city sadly overrun
with subject matter. From gleaming cars to a city left with the results of the collapse of
the auto industry, I hope that my work will be a call to action for its viewers.

resume (word)

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Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Lynnda Pardoe

Detroit Urban Cathedral

Detroit Urban Cathedral, 2007

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