Originally from Colorado, Stefani Rossi studied Painting and Printmaking at University of Puget Sound, and completed her graduate studies in Painting at Colorado State University. She has been teaching since 2008, and her work has been included in collective and solo exhibitions in Colorado, Washington, and in the Midwest.

Through her work, Stefani aims to cultivate intimate encounters, extending an invitation
for viewers to contemplate the larger narratives in which we participate on a daily basis. Currently she is exploring the ways in which habitual consumption finds its way into
everyday life-causing a curious kind of liturgy.

“Out juxtaposes my gas receipts with diminishing soap and an emerging stain. Oil is an ingredient in many detergents, requiring consumption of oil even in that which we might
use to erase evidence of how we’ve used it. Alluding to Lady Macbeth, these images explore
the ongoing relationship my contemporaries and I have with crude oil. In an era of growing
efforts to reduce our collective dependency upon this commodity, Out reflects the seeming
futility of that endeavor.”

resume (pdf)


Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Stefani M. Rossi


Out, 2009

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