Statement specific to entry:
Can you believe that American teenagers, sitting in mile long lines to gas up their car during the 1974 oil embargo ended up, 20 plus years later, driving cars that got even worse gas mileage than the one that they were waiting to gas up in 1974? or, why can’t oil and religion and guns and money just get along?

It’s always up to others to say if something is art. For me, the very word art is a good review. (John Waters)

A few juried art shows and books so far.

Nothing worth going on and on about, really. Certainly, nothing that should change
your opinion of what you were just looking at.


Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Greg Stange

Jesus and the 12 Disciples (American version)

Jesus and the 12 Disciples (American version), 2009

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