Jenifer Wightman is a biologist with 20 years practicing in the field, at the bench, or synthesizing meta analysis. Currently she specializes in greenhouse gas inventories and life cycle analysis of sustainable bioenergy production systems. Her art practice was born in 2002 out of the need to communicate science more effectively to different audiences. Science is Beautiful!

She makes science-based conceptual art so that viewer may aesthetically understand data in meaningful ways. She’s interested in articulating incongruities between our current economic growth paradigm (conceptually unlimited) and our emerging notion of sustainability (limited by finite earth resources).

This occurs at the intersection of concrete material ‘fact’ with the dis/integrating evolution of process. In the destruction and creation of what was to what is, she is curious how ideas are conserved, mutated, transmitted, or lost. Matter is conserved, the form of it changes. Recycling of form on a finite earth results in infinite expression of molecular play. She captures visual language in biologic processes that mark time.

One might say Jeni domesticates science. Her work aesthetically re-materializes the phenomena that scientists conceptually evolve by empirical abstraction. She is fundamentally interested in how we might conceive of an ecological rationality by reflecting on the co-evolution of culture and ecosystems.

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Petroleum Paradox: For Better or For Worse? (2012)

Jenifer Wightman

Subway Balls

Subway Balls, 2011

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