Erica-Lynn Huberty

Born in New York City, by age 8, Erica-Lynn Huberty was painting, creating needlework, writing and illustrating little books, and studying under Master Etcher Aïda Whedon. After high school, she attended Parsons School of Design for two years, then the Gallatin School at New York University, where she received a B.A. with Honors in Fine Arts, Literature, and History in 1991. She earned a double-Masters Degree in Visual Arts and Literature from Bennington College in 1995, then completed post-Masters studies in drawing at RISD Museum School, Providence.

Fascinated by the Decorative Arts, she trained extensively under two Fine Finishers and owned a Decorative Painting firm from 1999-2005 while continuing to show art, and write fiction, as well as art reviews and essays for many publications including Sculpture Magazine and The New York Times. She is the author of Dog Boy and Other Harrowing Tales, a collection of short stories (Rising Star, 2010). Her art work is featured in The Passion of Birds (Clarkson Potter, 2011).

Huberty’s work explores the tradition of creating practical and yet beautiful works that are at once tedious and demanding, as well as a symbol of feminine self-worth. Combining textiles, small brush work, collage, pen and ink, and embroidery, the narrative of each piece develops organically from textures and images found on textiles, or in scraps of trim, lace, and appliqués. She is informed by 17th-19th Century naturalist drawings, and Dutch and Flemish portraiture, and by the nearly-obsessive amassing and categorizing of ephemera and specimens during the 19th Century which, in our 21st Century, has often translated into the amassing of goods, and the ways we seek to organize these belongings.

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Summer Invitational (2012)

Secret Garden (2011)

Summer Selections (2011)

Erica-Lynn Huberty

Continue Til' End

Continue Til' End, 2012

Bird Dog

Bird Dog, 2012


Stag, 2012


Rambound, 2012


Instructions, 2012


Creeping, 2010

Explorers of the New Century

Explorers of the New Century, 2011

Bronichal Tree

Bronichal Tree, 2010

Mrs. Bell

Mrs. Bell, 2010

Paneled Life Vol. 1

Paneled Life Vol. 1, 2011

Prey Tell Me

Prey Tell Me, 2010

The Meal

The Meal, 2010

The Park

The Park, 2011

The Rescue

The Rescue, 2011

The Voyage Out

The Voyage Out, 2011

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