In my current work I use materials like found paper, textbooks, vintage album covers and magazine clippings to construct my collages. I’m especially drawn to color, imagery and subject matter from the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s and use color, line and shape to achieve different patterns in my work.

Inspiration often comes from a wide range of places. The repetition of patterns found on buildings in urban settings, woven textiles and handmade quilts all continue to influence the direction of my work.

The materials I use are meticulously cut into strips and shapes and deliberately arranged to create different patterns. Fragmented images and parts of words and phrases very often offer clues to underlying narratives.

While there is clearly a lot of control exercised throughout the construction of each piece, the creative process overall remains an intuitive one. Materials are selected mostly based on color and I always let the materials dictate in the end where a piece of work will go.

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Art From the Boros (2012)

Glenn Fischer

The Laughing Song

The Laughing Song, 2012

Side One

Side One, 2011

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