When I’m painting I often feel like I’m making my way through an unknown expanse. Feeling, form, and texture take shape. I delineate space with my hands and body while intuitively letting color emerge. It’s an internal, interior process, yet also visceral and experiential. In the studio I experiment, juggle ideas and, open the doors of visual communication.

I have always had two ways of seeing, one as a painter looking inside myself, pushing boundaries I encounter while working. In the other, looking outward like a hunter-gatherer, collecting sustaining narratives along with fragments of visual ideas that appear in my camera lens. The camera is a drawing tool, a collection box of gold pieces and pebbles, fragments of life, waiting to be contemplated, turned over and then firmly set into a structure, steadying a fragile and tenuous natural balance.

resume (word)

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Art From the Boros (2012)

Kyle Gallup

Rear Window

Rear Window, 2010

WEA Marquee *SOLD

WEA Marquee *SOLD, 2012

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