Drawings mapping and telegraphing the sense of touch through the sense of sight. These drawings reference topography, fluidity and tactile associations. The flows, the folds, the ripples and the crosscurrents build up,
suggesting that which is common to water currents, geologic change and the wind made visible.

Time also flows. Originally I recorded, on the bottom edge of each drawing, each date that I worked on it, calling attention to the process
and evolution of the image. This prompted questions about which section was drawn which day, usually accompanied by a laugh. In 2005, taking up the challenge, I started to record date and time at the start of each line and again at line’s end. This provoked questions
about how many hours the drawings took to make, so, pushing absurdity, the notations evolved to include running subtotals and totals up to that day. This can be daunting and that’s part of the point: written numbers build up, forcing the lines to fan out, reading at first glance as texture, radically affecting how the drawings evolve. As in science recording observations can alter results.

resume (word)

resume (pdf)


Art From the Boros (2012)

Ellen Grossman


Cascade, 2012

QuantUm Map

QuantUm Map, 2012

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