Beholder’s Eye Series: Digital Woven Art

Exploring the concept “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the attached five art pieces
express one view of the images’ inherent qualities as they relate to beautiful or unappealing, exciting or boring, brilliant or dull.

One expression of beauty may appear as quite unappealing to another; yet when taken apart or viewed from another perspective, may reveal a new and beautiful quality.

Images are fractured, dissected or rearranged to focus on the broader view; forcing the eye to see beyond the reality.

These are the first in a series of pieces, both representational and non-representational, that will explore how beauty is viewed, interpreted and ultimately accepted or not.

The Beholder’s Eye series is part of a larger body of work I call RELATIONALshifts: Digital Woven Art — digital imagery woven together on high-tension tapestry looms, warped with monofilament fishing line or wire. My work starts with a digital photograph, over-painted and drawn upon and layered with color. I have developed a unique approach where I “weave” portions of several digitally manipulated photos directly on the computer screen. The final “digitally woven” image is printed on special paper and/or metal, cut into strips and then woven together on my tapestry looms to create the final, new art piece. The 3-dimensional quality of the woven form adds another dimension to the piece, creating texture and light. My latest work is further manipulated on and off the loom into 3-dimensional wall reliefs and free-standing sculptures.

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Art From The Boros II (2014)

Art From the Boros (2012)

Anthony Locane

Beholder's Eye: Rhinecanthus Aculeatus (Trigger Fish)

Beholder's Eye: Rhinecanthus Aculeatus (Trigger Fish), 2012

Beholder's Eye: Fragment

Beholder's Eye: Fragment, 2011

Beholder's Eye: Sea Urchin

Beholder's Eye: Sea Urchin, 2011

LOSS/FOUND: To The Moon and Back

LOSS/FOUND: To The Moon and Back, 2013

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