In this recent body of work I continued to explore the human condition by bringing the underlying interpersonal emotion of the therapeutic environment to the fore.

Drawing my inspiration from popular sources such as the television series In Treatment and a number of films including Ordinary People, and Good Will Hunting, in order to created a series of paintings that are simultaneously haunting and poignant.

The pieces in the series range in size from the very intimate to the monumental and have been rendered using an expressive painterly style. With thick layers of vibrant cobalt blue, red, and grounded brown pigments, to heighten certain aspects of each scene, diluting the identity of the actors, highlighting their moods and positions, and ultimately transforming patient and therapist into archetypal figures of the human psyche.

In this series, I continued my attempt to pinpoint universal, iconic gestures. In each work I explore a spectrum of tonalities to bring the intrinsic emotions of each relationship to the surface.

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Art From the Boros (2012)

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Viviane Silvera reviewed by "Fine Arts Connoisseur" May/June 2013

Viviane Silvera

Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents)

Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents), 2011

Therapy No. 5 (Center of Resistance)

Therapy No. 5 (Center of Resistance), 2011

Therapy No. 15 (Coming About)

Therapy No. 15 (Coming About), 2011

Therapy No. 8 (Waiting Room)

Therapy No. 8 (Waiting Room), 2011

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