Generally my work is about integration.

Plastic Construction Series:
This series is comprised of blending pre-existing forms into unexpected juxtapositions. The objects are connected and fit together as if they were made that way. The parts are fastened with metal rod and hardware. While the objects are seemingly incongruous, they are integrated through color, shape and their past life.

I think of this work as abstract painting. My palette is a very carefully sorted library of random materials. Every piece in my palette, I consider brushstroke that has a pre-existing color and shape. I use the objects “as is” and combine them sometimes into simple compositions or huge convoluted installations. The materials become transformed as the referential information of the object’s past life is obscured. It is the relationship between the materials that causes a subtext of new meaning and leaves the piece open to metaphoric exploration.


resume (pdf)


Appropriations (2015)

Art From the Boros (2012)

Tyrome Salvatore Tripoli

Diesel Series

Diesel Series, 2007

Glass Installation

Glass Installation, 2008

Vent Bubble

Vent Bubble, 2004

Black and Green Exhaust

Black and Green Exhaust, 2011

Rubber Fan

Rubber Fan, 2009

Oven Burner Glass

Oven Burner Glass, 2004

Blue Cap Metal Puzzle

Blue Cap Metal Puzzle, 2015

Big Blue Eye

Big Blue Eye, 2015

Ginseng Orange Gun

Ginseng Orange Gun, 2015

Orange Cycle

Orange Cycle, 2015

Purple Green Fish

Purple Green Fish, 2015

Red Plastic Progression

Red Plastic Progression, 2006

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