These sculptures are intended to be viewed from different angles. Up, down, left, right, near and far, front and back. Bauble and untitled (sixpack) include mirrors for viewing the backside. The glossy surfaces allow for a complex mix of reflected light and surroundings with changing shadows as the viewer moves around the the elements. Use of the wall is intended to give a sense of weightlessness. Asymmetrical design provides an off-kilter quality and though static implies movement. Repetition is utilized to express a non-centralized but unified assembly of elements. These sculptures are intuitive, hands-on explorations into industrial manufacturing processes. RonaBella incorporates discarded elements from other sculpture by two prominent artists and elicits a problem of provenance and intention over material and form.

resume (word)

resume (pdf)


Art From the Boros (2012)

Bernard Klevickas


RonaBella, 2012

Untitled (six pack)

Untitled (six pack), 2012


Bluewaveforms, 2007


Bauble, 2002

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