I have been shooting photography ever since I was a child. I ruined my first camera on the first Earth Day in 1972.

I have spent most of my life in dark rooms, yet I have always felt confusion; Art or Photography? After working for Harpers magazine as an illustrator, I realized I worked in pencil in the same labored manor as I did with photography.

My current medium, photography, reminds me much of the lithographic plates I once made.
I loved printmaking at the School of Visual Arts. I would make up each lithographic plate; inking it, and drawing it out of the press still wet, envisioning Warhol, Johns, Lautrec and even old masters like Rembrandt, creating work the exact same way… Simplistic yet revealing line and reproduction, with more than one piece created to give away.

The layering in Photoshop is much like Rembrandt’s technique. Creating the perfect image until it is right. The process allows me to see and challenge the visual world by distorting images and realities and placing them on canvas. By challenging the viewer I am challenging myself.
I want to create something that has never been done.


Wall Street and New York State of Mind (2014)

Art From The Boros II (2014)

Selected Bibliography

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