Passionate Collisions (2015)

Selected Bibliography

Carole Robb: Studio International Interview January 2016

Carole Robb: Re-Imagining the Antique NYC artist at SACI Gallery

Carole Robb

Love is Exhausting

Love is Exhausting, 2014


Amo, 2014

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage, 2014

Passionate Collisions

Passionate Collisions, 2014

Beach at Ostia

Beach at Ostia, 2013

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Terrace, 2014


Untitled, 2014

Angel in Venice

Angel in Venice, 2013

Fountain of the Mask, Rome #2

Fountain of the Mask, Rome #2, 2014

Bernini in Piazza Navona, Rome

Bernini in Piazza Navona, Rome, 2014

Bridge of Angels

Bridge of Angels, 2014

Beached Couple

Beached Couple, 2013

San'Toma vaporetto stop, Venice

San'Toma vaporetto stop, Venice, 2013

Trinita dei Monte, Rome

Trinita dei Monte, Rome, 2014

Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon, Rome, 2014

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 2013

Villa Borghese Fountain, Rome

Villa Borghese Fountain, Rome, 2013

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge, 2013

Piazza Signoria, Florence

Piazza Signoria, Florence, 2013

Temple in a Lake, Rome

Temple in a Lake, Rome, 2014

Temple of Aesculapius, Rome

Temple of Aesculapius, Rome, 2014

The Villas of Parioli, Rome

The Villas of Parioli, Rome, 2014


Amo, 2014

S. Maria Novella, Florence

S. Maria Novella, Florence, 2013

Facade of the Duomo, Florence

Facade of the Duomo, Florence, 2013

Farnese Fountain, Rome

Farnese Fountain, Rome, 2013

Piazza de Spagna Fountain, Rome

Piazza de Spagna Fountain, Rome, 2013

Rome at Aperitif Hour

Rome at Aperitif Hour, 2013

Lovers are Enemies too

Lovers are Enemies too, 2014

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