Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to present Chautauqua: A Continuum of Creativity, showcasing 25 faculty and 25 alumni of the Chautauqua School of Art, on view January 5 through February 13. This exhibition features an international group of established and emerging artists, encompassing an impressive, eclectic array of works in all media, in celebration of the school’s 100th anniversary.

One of the oldest summer art programs in North America, Chautauqua has experienced incredible growth in recent years, including the total renovation of the School of Art and spectacular new museum quality galleries. For 100 years the Chautauqua School of Art has recognized that art is about touching a higher fundamental chord which at times connects our humanity, questions our preconceptions, and ultimately transcends boundaries of language, time and culture. A Continuum of Creativity reflects the strength, breadth, and long-term commitment that are at the core of the Chautauqua School of Art. To learn more about the school, click here.


Roberley Bell
Tom Butter
Betsey Garand
Brenda Garand
Judy Glantzman
Glenn Goldberg
Susan Grabel
Margaret Grimes
Barbara Grossman
Charlie Hewitt
Don Kimes
Julie Langsam
Stanley Lewis
Ying Li
Frank Martin
Polly Ann Martin
Don Perlis
Carole Robb
Elena Sisto
Gary Stephan
Lee Tribe
William Tucker
Audrey Ushenko
Stephen Westfall
Marc Zimetbaum


Daniel Abrams
Tom Andersen
Chris Antemann
Devang Anglay
Heather Couch
Angela Dufresne
Kate Gartrell
Rochelle Goldberg
Margaret Jacobs
Joshua Kaplan
Whitney Kovar
Heidi Leitzke
Jeremy Long
Vikki Michalios
Ali Miller
Saori Moriizumi
Evan Nabrit
Sarah Noble
Perry Obee
Alyse Rosner
Amber Scoon
Benjamin Schulman
Justin Shull
Dan Steinhilber
Jenny Wu


A Continuum of Creativity
January 5 - February 13, 2010
Opens January 7, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Chris Antemann, Paradise, 2009


Ali Miller, Baggage, 2009

With Wood Grain XXXIX

Alyse Rosner, With Wood Grain XXXIX, 2008

Flower Blob #85

Roberley Bell, Flower Blob #85, 2009


Tom Butter, Plot, 2008

Nuke Puke

Devang Anglay, Nuke Puke, 2009

Birth of Venus

Evan Nabrit, Birth of Venus, 2008


Heidi Leitzke, Pinwheel, 2009

Island Series 1

Joshua Kaplan, Island Series 1, 2009

Addis Toilet Tree Brush

Justin Shull, Addis Toilet Tree Brush, 2009

Le Corbusier Landscape (Villa Savoye, Purple)

Julie Langsam, Le Corbusier Landscape (Villa Savoye, Purple), 2009

Zebra, Stripes, or Something Else

Saori Moriizumi, Zebra, Stripes, or Something Else, 2009


Daniel Abrams, Influence, 2009

Pink Skirt

Kate Gartrell, Pink Skirt, 2009

Tina Turner #2

Angela Dufresne, Tina Turner #2, 2007

Inkling XX

Betsey Garand, Inkling XX, 2006


Don Kimes, Premise, 2008

Tea Pot

Frank Martin, Tea Pot, 2009


Stephen Westfall, Cosmadin, 2008


Judy Glantzman, Sarah, 2009

Young Artist

Elena Sisto, Young Artist, 2008


Sarah Noble, Noa, 2009


Dan Steinhilber, Untitled, 2009

Good Dog

Charlie Hewitt, Good Dog, 2009

Invented Tree

Glenn Goldberg, Invented Tree, 2006


Vikki Michalios, Aqueous, 2009

Chautauqua Pines:  Sunset

Margaret Grimes, Chautauqua Pines: Sunset, 2008

Sequestered Insouciance

Brenda Garand, Sequestered Insouciance, 2006

Venus in Proliferation

Susan Grabel, Venus in Proliferation, 2006

Autoimmune/Iron (detail of Autoimmune 3, an installation in 4 parts)

Amber Scoon, Autoimmune/Iron (detail of Autoimmune 3, an installation in 4 parts), 2009


Heather Couch, Beacon, 2009


Marc Zimetbaum, Sylvie, 1979


Benjamin Schulman, Celebrity, 2007

Study for Delivery #1

Jeremy Long, Study for Delivery #1, 2009

Late Flowers 2 *SOLD

Audrey Ushenko, Late Flowers 2 *SOLD, 2007

Still Life

Jenny Wu, Still Life, 2009

Three Versions of Me

Perry Obee, Three Versions of Me, 2009


William Tucker, Bibi, 1998

Lake Chautauqua

Stanley Lewis, Lake Chautauqua, 2004

The Problem With One Is That It Doesn't Allow For Two

Rochelle Goldberg, The Problem With One Is That It Doesn't Allow For Two, 2009


Tom Andersen, Untitled, 2006

Montecastello, Passing Moon

Ying Li, Montecastello, Passing Moon, 2005

Beyond the Horizon

Whitney Kovar, Beyond the Horizon, 2009

Peas for Sarah (Remnants of I Would Never Put That In My Mouth)

Margaret Jacobs, Peas for Sarah (Remnants of I Would Never Put That In My Mouth), 2008


Barbara Grossman, Conversation, 2009

The Price of Good News

Gary Stephan, The Price of Good News, 2009

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