Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to present Summer Selections 2010, on view July 22 through August 13, 2010. Featuring 27 artists and an eclectic array of concepts and techniques, the show encompasses painting, encaustic, mixed media, sculpture and assemblage. While 19 exhibiting artists are represented exclusively by Denise Bibro Fine Art (denoted below with an asterisk), 8 guest artists have also been invited to participate.

*David Barnett
*Lea Barton
*Gordon Boardman
Daniel Borlandelli
*Dusty Boynton
*Jeremy Comins
*Sara Crisp
*Lisa Dinhofer
David Eisenhour
*Iona Fromboluti
*Carol Goebel
*John Hrehov
Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz
*Carol Jacobsen
*Roy Kinzer
James Knight
Claire Lieberman
*Linda Lippa
Johnny Madsen
*Jerry Meyer
Barry Nemett
Christopher Reiger
*Terry Rose
*Nora Speyer
*Audrey Ushenko
*James Woodruff
*Jan Wunderman

Summer Selections

July 22 - August 13, 2010
Opens July 22, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz, Galatea, 2009


Daniel Borlandelli, Agapantus, 2010

Submerged in his Erotic Mystification

Christopher Reiger, Submerged in his Erotic Mystification, 2009

Here and Now

Dusty Boynton, Here and Now, 2008

Ice Bear (edition 1 of 10)

Claire Lieberman, Ice Bear (edition 1 of 10), 2010

Sacred Creatures

David Barnett, Sacred Creatures, 2010

Untitled (NY 18) *Sold

Johnny Madsen, Untitled (NY 18) *Sold, 2008

Icy Blue

Claire Lieberman, Icy Blue, 2010

Stone Houses and Tiber River Viewed From Montecastello

Barry Nemett, Stone Houses and Tiber River Viewed From Montecastello, 2009

Hand Touching Water/Water Feeling Hand

James Knight, Hand Touching Water/Water Feeling Hand, 2006

The Annunciation

Jerry Meyer, The Annunciation, 2007

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