Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of Winter Salon: 2010-2011, on view December 16, 2010 to January 29, 2011. A reception will be held for the artists Thursday, January 6th from 6 to 8pm. The exhibition features 21 artists working in myriad aesthetic, conceptual, and technical modes. The exhibition encompasses figurative, realist, and abstract work, and includes painting, works on paper, sculpture, and collage, as well as found object assemblage.

David Barnett
Roberley Bell
Dusty Boynton
Jeremy Comins
Sara Crisp
Lisa Dinhofer
Sydney Drum
Iona Fromboluti
Julie Harvey
David Herman
Carter Hodgkin
Roy Kinzer
Johnny Madsen
Jerry Meyer
Charles Olson
Terry Rose
Audrey Ushenko
Deborah Winiarski
Douglas Wirls
James Woodruff
Jan Wunderman


Maureen Mullarkey reviews Winter Salon in City Arts Magazine

Winter Salon

December 16, 2010 - January 29, 2011
Opens January 6, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Flower Blob #65

Roberley Bell, Flower Blob #65, 2005

Dancers-- Mandi I

Julie Harvey, Dancers-- Mandi I, 2010

Wildflower of the West

Douglas Wirls, Wildflower of the West, 2010

Hollywood Time Share

Jerry Meyer, Hollywood Time Share, 2008

Untitled (SD//P119) *SOLD

Sydney Drum, Untitled (SD//P119) *SOLD, 2010

Sometimes Not

Deborah Winiarski, Sometimes Not, 2009

Untitled (Spin)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (Spin), 2008

Climber #38

Jeremy Comins, Climber #38, 2009

Summer's Light

Audrey Ushenko, Summer's Light, 1996

Company of Three Players

David Barnett, Company of Three Players, 2009


Carter Hodgkin, Sparcity, 2009

Residue, #77

James Woodruff, Residue, #77, 2008

Drifting Away (diptych)

Iona Fromboluti, Drifting Away (diptych), 2007

Untitled (NY 02)

Johnny Madsen, Untitled (NY 02), 2009

Union Square #15

Jan Wunderman, Union Square #15, 1991

Virtuoso: Lang Lang

David Herman, Virtuoso: Lang Lang, 2010

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