Denise Bibro Fine Art presents Water Play, color photography by Roslyn Meyer. The exhibition has been extended through April 16th, 2011. In her homage to the transformative powers of water, Meyer offers two distinct series of images: one exploring hushed reflective surfaces, the other harnessing the forceful tumult of surf.

Meyer’s lens plays on the surface of soft undulating ripples; reflecting sky, flora and fauna, as well as the man-made world. These abstract images are chameleon-like, masquerading as psychedelic Pop art, television static, and even the stripes of a zebra. But look closer, and one picks out a stone, the leaf of a tree, or the architectural detail of a building. In her reflections, Meyer animates a tranquil world. Alternatively, in her study of breaking waves, movement is interrupted, and crashing surf becomes a silent, crystalline glacier. Investigating the tension between surface and depth, motion and stillness, realism and abstraction, Meyer’s complex, layered images at once reveal and conceal the nature of their subject.

Meyer’s work has previously been shown at venues including Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY; A Leaf Photography Studio and Gallery, New Haven, CT; Kennedy Studios, Martha’s Vineyard, MA; and the Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT. Her work is held in the collection of the Yale University School of Medicine, as well as many private collections.

Roslyn Meyer

Water Play
March 10 - April 16, 2011
Opens March 10, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Mirage (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Mirage (edition of 12), 2010

Stones and Swirls (edition of 20)

Roslyn Meyer, Stones and Swirls (edition of 20), 2010

Sea Glass (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Sea Glass (edition of 12), 2010

Swimming II (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Swimming II (edition of 12), 2010

Blue Zebra IV (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Blue Zebra IV (edition of 12), 2010

Tiger I (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Tiger I (edition of 12), 2010

Tiger IV (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Tiger IV (edition of 12), 2010

Ripple (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Ripple (edition of 12), 2010

Vortex (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Vortex (edition of 12), 2010

Splash (edition of 25)

Roslyn Meyer, Splash (edition of 25), 2010

Dazzle of Day (edition of 12)

Roslyn Meyer, Dazzle of Day (edition of 12), 2010

Waterstick III (edition of 8)

Roslyn Meyer, Waterstick III (edition of 8), 2008

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