Denise Bibro Fine Art presents Don Kimes: Exquisite Interruption, featuring a new series of abstract paintings, on view June 2nd through July 9th, 2011. Eight years ago, Kimes’ home and studio succumbed to a flood, destroying a lifetime of work, and its documentation. Embracing the accident, the artist began to make paintings based on the ruined works. The result is complex and evocative—an homage to the power of nature and the passage of time—a metaphor for memory, perceived loss, and rebirth.

After scanning and printing the remains of salvaged photographs on canvas or paper, Kimes manipulates them with paint, intensifying color and detail, sometimes working broad areas with large sponges, but more often applying acrylics in tiny, delicate strokes. The multi-layered imagery suggests something seen through a microscope, alluding to a desire to unearth the nascent image born through the act of unintended destruction, while the luminous tertiary palette suggests the transparency of precious stones or stained glass. In the artist’s own words, Kimes is “using the second part of [his] life to re-paint the first. The flood turned out to be a gift, an exquisite interruption.” The exhibition is an optimistic nod to our ability to overcome hardship and thrive.

Kimes has an extensive international exhibition history. Selected solo shows include the Galleria Extra Moenia di Giuliana Dorazio, Todi, Italy, Katzen Museum of Art, Washington, DC; Fowler Kellogg Galleries Chautauqua, NY; Hillyer Gallery, International Art & Artists Washington, DC; Casa di Cultura, Villahermosa, Mexico; National Academy of Sciences Washington, DC; Galleria Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy; America Haus, Munich, Germany; Stephan Gang Gallery, Claudia Carr Gallery, and Prince Street Gallery, all in New York City. Selected group shows include the National Academy of Design, New York City; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD; and Rueda Museum, Madrid, Spain.

Don Kimes

Exquisite Interruption
June 2 - July 9, 2011
Opens June 2, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Todi Steel and Popolopen Memory

Don Kimes, Todi Steel and Popolopen Memory, 2008

Tempesta di Mare

Don Kimes, Tempesta di Mare, 2008/2009

Some Yellow for Hans

Don Kimes, Some Yellow for Hans, 2011


Don Kimes, Veil, 2010


Don Kimes, Emergence, 2010

Sonata for Tempesta di Mare

Don Kimes, Sonata for Tempesta di Mare, 2011

Blue rising II

Don Kimes, Blue rising II, 2009

Children in the Window

Don Kimes, Children in the Window, 2008

Red Antiquity

Don Kimes, Red Antiquity, 2011

Day and Night

Don Kimes, Day and Night, 2008

It Was

Don Kimes, It Was, 2010

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