Denise Bibro Fine Art presents our Summer Show, on view July 10 through August 25, 2012. Featuring artists with various styles and approaches to their art, the show includes painting, mixed media, photography, and sculpture.

This exhibition combines abstract compositions in works of Charles Olson, John Beardman, and Janet Goddard, with works incorporating materials as varied as embroidery, glitter, wood, and plexiglass by Erica-Lynn Huberty, Nancy Baker,David Herman, and Carla Goldberg. Summer Show will also feature playful figurative narratives of Dusty Boynton, natural and unnatural characters by Christopher Reiger, gelatin prints by Barbara Morgan, mixed media collages by Mildred Hermann, and deftly crafted, bulbous forms by Tim Ripley.

Summer Invitational

July 10 - August 28, 2012
Opens July 10, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Erica-Lynn Huberty, Rambound, 2012

Living, Moving in the Space Between

Christopher Reiger, Living, Moving in the Space Between, 2009

Passage at Sunset

Janet Goddard, Passage at Sunset, 2011

Breaking Dawn

John Beardman, Breaking Dawn, 1997

The Meal

Erica-Lynn Huberty, The Meal, 2010

Bird Dog

Erica-Lynn Huberty, Bird Dog, 2012


Nancy Baker, Heresies, 2011


Erica-Lynn Huberty, Stag, 2012

Ex Voto: White Spring

Charles Olson, Ex Voto: White Spring, 1999

Cost Benefit Analysis

Christopher Reiger, Cost Benefit Analysis, 2008

Contents X

David Herman, Contents X, 2000

Contents XII

David Herman, Contents XII, 2000


John Beardman, Departure, 1997

The Game

Yvonne Thomas, The Game, 2007

Epiphany & Company

Nancy Baker, Epiphany & Company, 2011

Forecasting Clouds

Barbara Morgan, Forecasting Clouds, 1995

Long Abandoned

Barbara Morgan, Long Abandoned, 2012

Moon Shadows II

Barbara Morgan, Moon Shadows II, 1995

Time Travels

Barbara Morgan, Time Travels, 1997


Tim Ripley, Flashdance, 2011

Everywhere Looks the Same #1

Christopher Reiger, Everywhere Looks the Same #1, 2008

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Tim Ripley, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, 2010

Shanties II

David Herman, Shanties II, 2009

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