Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce the first solo exhibit of Floridian artist Danny Morgan, Last Burst of Summer, on view September 6 through October 6, 2012.

Danny Morgan has the distinction, since the 70s, of having a dual career of being a successful musician and painter. After finishing a BA at East Kentucky University and having a short period of time as an art teacher, Morgan painted while simultaneously establishing himself as an individual guitar player, singer, and eventually as a band leader and talent representative.

Morgan’s recent abstract works have developed from his earlier representational works. His love of color and timeless fluidity of line and form are a product of both in his painting and guitar playing. In the process of creating his chords of color, he sometimes does skeleton sketches of color to create his lyrical canvases.

His passion for rhythm coincides with the way he uses both his brush and his guitar. Utilizing warm, vibrant saturations of color, Morgan succeeds in creating a visceral, lyrical composition of chords comprised of organic and biomorphic shapes. The quick-drying qualities of acrylic paint make it a natural choice for Morgan, provoking the actual action of painting.

Music is an inherent quality in Morgan’s work, using the brush in the same fluid manner he plays chords on his guitar; sometimes spontaneous, but also deliberate. His actions with the vibrate, reaching out to make splashes of forms and color, while at the same time creating notes of color that often disconnect and connect like music.

Morgan’s mission is not to dictate the meaning of the chords in his compositions, but is to create a colorful, visceral scored experience for the viewer. His paintings depict transitional space between music and color coming together into visual form. The viewer interprets his or her own intellectual, emotional, and visceral response to each work.

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Danny Morgan

Last Burst of Summer
September 6 - October 6, 2012
Opens September 6, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Django in Canns

Danny Morgan, Django in Canns, 2011

After the Rain

Danny Morgan, After the Rain, 2012

Calm Chord

Danny Morgan, Calm Chord, 2010

Color Shapes #2

Danny Morgan, Color Shapes #2, 2002

Color Shapes #3

Danny Morgan, Color Shapes #3, 2002

Jazz Section #1

Danny Morgan, Jazz Section #1, 2012

Colored Harmony

Danny Morgan, Colored Harmony, 2010

Morning Joy

Danny Morgan, Morning Joy, 2012

Colored Harmony #2

Danny Morgan, Colored Harmony #2, 2011

Amy's Garden 2

Danny Morgan, Amy's Garden 2, 2007

Beach Music #1

Danny Morgan, Beach Music #1, 2012

Bossa Wind

Danny Morgan, Bossa Wind, 2012

Color Chord #1

Danny Morgan, Color Chord #1, 2010

Color Chord with Precussion

Danny Morgan, Color Chord with Precussion, 2011

Django on the Beach

Danny Morgan, Django on the Beach, 2011

Dream Dance #2

Danny Morgan, Dream Dance #2, 2000

Island Dance

Danny Morgan, Island Dance, 2000

Miami Tango

Danny Morgan, Miami Tango, 2012

Midsummer Dancing

Danny Morgan, Midsummer Dancing, 2012

Rhythm of the Beach

Danny Morgan, Rhythm of the Beach, 2012

Sanibel Secret #3

Danny Morgan, Sanibel Secret #3, 2011

Spring Song #2

Danny Morgan, Spring Song #2, 2011

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