Denise Bibro Fine Art is excited to share a fresh, unique opportunity to view untapped talent just within our backyards. Art From the Boros will be on view November 15 through January 5, 2013. From some five hundred submissions for an open call for talented unaffiliated artists in all the Boros, Denise Bibro Fine Art narrowed the pool to some fifty artists. Subsequently we pound the pavements, including studios in Williamsburg, by the water in Redhook, and the old Army Terminal in Gowanus, Bed Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Long Island City, and Astoria, just to name a few to narrow our pickings to thirty six artists.

These thirty plus artists’ works are diverse in mediums, social and aesthetic content. They come from diverse socio and economic backgrounds. Regardless of their histories, upbringings and economic circumstance they persevere and revel their New York environment. Art is one of their primary focuses and concerns. In this exhibition you will see both bought and recycled materials, drawing to the max, various examples of collaged and assemblage materials, works with political and social content and more.

In a world that often projects galleries as being jaded and inaccessible we are demonstrating that we are one that values and shares the desire to keep up with the bustling creativity all around us. Our experience in these past weeks clearly illustrates that one should always be open to opening the box, to venturing in and to informing one’s visual vocabulary – if only to appreciate and understand what one likes from the start or to be brave enough to inform and broaden ones world and visual horizons. We challenge the viewer to be open, have fun …..Seek and you shall find.


Wayne Adams
Christopher Arabadjis
LaThoriel Badenhausen
Jaclyn Brown
Kenneth Burris
Glenn Fischer
Julia Forrest
Kyle Gallup
Emma Gluckman
Ellen Grossman
Bernard Klevickas
Rachel Kohn
Luiza Kurzyna
David Lavine
Deanna Lee
Kathy Levine
Anthony Locane
David Maddy
Mike Nemire
Leah Oates
Carolyn Oberst
Iviva Olenick
Yupin Pramotepipop
Elizabeth Riley
Suzanne Scott
Viviane Silvera
Barry Steely
Jeff Sundheim
Soonae Tark
Tyrome Salvatore Tripoli
Matthew Trygve Tung
Susan Tunick
Katie Urban
Jackie Weisberg
Jesse Lee Wilson
Jennifer Young

Art From the Boros

November 15, 2012 - January 5, 2013
Opens November 15, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Installation Views


#708090 (Silver Void)

Wayne Adams, #708090 (Silver Void), 2012

Untitled (2012-03-004)

Christopher Arabadjis, Untitled (2012-03-004), 2012


La Thoriel Badenhausen, LOOSE CHANGE & LOOSE CHANGE, 2012


Jaclyn Brown, Plunge, 2011


Kenneth Burris, Untitled, 2011

Side One

Glenn Fischer, Side One, 2011


Julia Forrest, Fabricate, 2012

WEA Marquee *SOLD

Kyle Gallup, WEA Marquee *SOLD, 2012

Untitled (six pack)

Bernard Klevickas, Untitled (six pack), 2012

Corrugated Landscape II

Rachel Kohn, Corrugated Landscape II, 2012

Cuddle Monster

Luiza Kurzyna, Cuddle Monster, 2012


David Lavine, Skreeng!, 2012


Deanna Lee, Entwining, 2009


Kathy Levine, Emerging, 1992

Beholder's Eye: Rhinecanthus Aculeatus (Trigger Fish)

Anthony Locane, Beholder's Eye: Rhinecanthus Aculeatus (Trigger Fish), 2012

4th Dimensional Transition

Mike Nemire, 4th Dimensional Transition, 2012

Transitory Space, Beijing, China 2 (edition of 10 with 2 AP)

Leah Oates, Transitory Space, Beijing, China 2 (edition of 10 with 2 AP), 2008-2009

Crossing The Line

Carolyn Oberst, Crossing The Line, 2011

All Of You

Iviva Olenick, All Of You, 2012


Elizabeth Riley, DRAGONS OF ICELAND (Four Film Stills), 2011


Suzanne Scott, Erin, 2007

Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents)

Viviane Silvera, Therapy No. 17 (Cross Currents), 2011

Man Window Man

Barry Steely, Man Window Man, 2011

Sugar Candy #13

Soonae Tark, Sugar Candy #13, 2011

Black and Green Exhaust

Tyrome Salvatore Tripoli, Black and Green Exhaust, 2011

Blue Double Screen

Susan Tunick, Blue Double Screen, 2011

Day x Day x Day (Film Still)

Katie Urban, Day x Day x Day (Film Still), 2011

Gowanus Impressions 10:57:46AM

Jackie Weisberg, Gowanus Impressions 10:57:46AM, 2009

Diptych #1

Jesse Lee Wilson, Diptych #1, 2012

Taking your own life with boredom, I'm taking my own life with wine.

Jennifer Young, Taking your own life with boredom, I'm taking my own life with wine., 2011



QuantUm Map

Ellen Grossman, QuantUm Map, 2012


Jeff Sundheim, River, 2012

Untitled 2

Matthew Trygve Tung, Untitled 2, 2012

Still Life With Horse, Polaroids, Chair

Emma Gluckman, Still Life With Horse, Polaroids, Chair, 2009

Stand Up Knot (edition of 3)

Yupin Pramotepipop, Stand Up Knot (edition of 3), 2012

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