Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce “Summer Selections,” a large group exhibition of gallery and invited guest artists of diverse mediums and genres.

Summer Selections

July 18 - August 10, 2013
Opens July 18, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views


Rosetta Stone

Charles Olson, Rosetta Stone, 1997

Epiphany & Company

Nancy Baker, Epiphany & Company, 2011

Django in Canns

Danny Morgan, Django in Canns, 2011

A Sacred Solace II: Purple

Myung-Ock Lim, A Sacred Solace II: Purple, 2007

Sacred Creatures

David Barnett, Sacred Creatures, 2010


Mark Hadjipateras, Pinocchios, 2011


James Woodruff, Loupe, 2011

A Sacred Solace III: Clear

Myung-Ock Lim, A Sacred Solace III: Clear, 2007

A Sacred Solace III: Dark Green

Myung-Ock Lim, A Sacred Solace III: Dark Green, 2007

A Sacred Solace III: Lemon Yellow

Myung-Ock Lim, A Sacred Solace III: Lemon Yellow, 2007

A Sacred Solace III: Red

Myung-Ock Lim, A Sacred Solace III: Red, 2007

Unfolded #17

Jeremy Comins, Unfolded #17, 2011

Aquatilis No. 12

Betsy Stewart, Aquatilis No. 12, 2010

Fontis No. 113

Betsy Stewart, Fontis No. 113, 2005-11

Fontis No. 122

Betsy Stewart, Fontis No. 122, 2013

Fontis No. 120

Betsy Stewart, Fontis No. 120, 2013

Black Twist

Don Kimes, Black Twist, 2010


Don Kimes, Angel, 2009


James Woodruff, Search, 2011

Self Portrait, Edition of 11

Ultra Violet, Self Portrait, Edition of 11, 2012

Unfolded #24

Jeremy Comins, Unfolded #24, 2012

Untitled (Stamens)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (Stamens), 2009

Door of Humility, Bethlehem

David Herman, Door of Humility, Bethlehem, 2010

Family Tree

David Barnett, Family Tree, 2002

Union Square #15

Jan Wunderman, Union Square #15, 1991

Yikes Music

Jerry Meyer, Yikes Music, 2011


Daniel Borlandelli, Mist, 2012

Chain Reaction

Daniel Borlandelli, Chain Reaction, 2012

Morning Joy

Danny Morgan, Morning Joy, 2012

Drugstore Cowboy

Tim Ripley, Drugstore Cowboy, 2012


Linda Lippa, Jeans, 2011

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