Because of the overwhelming positive response from our first open call to artists from the five boroughs, Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce Art From The Boros II, on view June 19 through August 9, 2014. Out of approximately five hundred submissions from talented, unaffiliated artists in all the boroughs, Denise Bibro Fine Art narrowed the pool to eighty artists. Subsequently, we pounded the pavement and visited studios in Williamsburg, by the water in Redhook, the old Army Terminal in Gowanus, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Long Island City, Harlem, Inwood, and the Lower East Side (just to name a few), and finally selected fifty three artists.

These fifty-plus artists’ works are diverse in mediums, aesthetics, and content. They come from diverse socio and economic backgrounds. Regardless of their histories, upbringings, and economic circumstances, they persevere and revel in their New York environment. Art is one of their primary focuses and concerns. In this exhibition you will see both recycled and bought materials, various examples of collage and assemblage, works with political and social messages, and much more.

In a world that often projects galleries as jaded and inaccessible, we are demonstrating that we value and share the desire to keep up with the bustling creativity all around us. Our experience illustrates that one should always be open to thinking outside the box, taking risks, and informing your aesthetic vocabulary – if only to continue to appreciate and understand, or to be brave enough to inform and broaden one’s world and visual horizons. We challenge the viewer to be open and have fun.

Artists: Shonagh Adelman, Rob Arnow, LaThoriel Badenhausen, Richard Barnet, Carol Chave, Janet A. Cook, Tracy Deer, Brendan Donleavy, Paula Elliott, Laura Fantini, Richard Fett, Elaine Forrest, Sean Patrick Gallagher, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Christopher Hart Chambers, Suejin Jo, Justin Kim, Elizabeth Knowles, Seunghwui Koo, David Lavine, Anthony Locane, Elaine Longtemps, Jessica Maffia, Terry Marks, Daina Mattis, Gail Miller, Douglas Newton, Carolyn Oberst, David Outhwaite, Sui Park, Chris Perry, Vincent Pomilio, Gail Postal, David Preddy, Arlene Rush, Gregory Santos, Theresa Savage Cooper, Robert Saywitz, Jicky Schnee, Andrew Schwartz, Pasha Setrova, Mark Strodl, Jeff Sundheim, Paul Antonio Szabo, Virginia Wagner, Carrie Waldman, Martha Walker, Lindsey Warren, Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Dottie Wilson, Joyce Yamada, Charles Yoder, and Alice Zinnes.

Art From The Boros II

June 19 - August 9, 2014
Opens June 19, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Glass Bottom Blind

Virginia Wagner, Glass Bottom Blind, 2013

Lily La Tigresse

Shonagh Adelman, Lily La Tigresse, 2013


Rob Arnow, Meadow, 2014

Hygienic Scented Discreet

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Hygienic Scented Discreet, 2013

God Save The Queen

La Thoriel Badenhausen, God Save The Queen, 2013


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Hers, 2010

See Something

La Thoriel Badenhausen, See Something, 2007


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Bleed, 2008

Chastity Belt

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Chastity Belt, 2014

Bees Die

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Bees Die, 2012

To Bleed Or Not To Bleed

La Thoriel Badenhausen, To Bleed Or Not To Bleed, 2011

Gird Your Loins

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Gird Your Loins, 2014


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Disquiet, 2011

Praying Marilyn

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Praying Marilyn, 2014

Life Boat

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Life Boat, 2012

Wonder Woman

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Wonder Woman, 2010


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Protection, 2012


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Mask, 2012

Used Blades

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Used Blades, 2011

These Colors Don't Run

La Thoriel Badenhausen, These Colors Don't Run, 2010

Dogs Go Mad

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Dogs Go Mad, 2014


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Invinceable, 2013


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Trick, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Back In The Saddle Again, 2014

Barbie & Ken

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Barbie & Ken, 2014

Cramp My Style

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Cramp My Style, 2009

Displaced Persons Belt

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Displaced Persons Belt, 2013

Life Saver

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Life Saver, 2012

Blood For Oil

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Blood For Oil , 2013

Money Belt

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Money Belt, 2012

Health Care Is A Human Right

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Health Care Is A Human Right, 2011

Glory Be

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Glory Be, 2009


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Friend, 2014

Toxic Shock

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Toxic Shock, 2014


La Thoriel Badenhausen, Party, 2014

Keep The Flow

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Keep The Flow, 2014

Don't Ask Don't Tell

La Thoriel Badenhausen, Don't Ask Don't Tell, 2012

Ellie's Boat

Richard Barnet, Ellie's Boat, 2009

Rothko Revisited: Spring

Carol Chave, Rothko Revisited: Spring, 2014

Rothko Revisited:Possibilities at the Intersection of Reds

Carol Chave, Rothko Revisited:Possibilities at the Intersection of Reds, 2014

AU Girl

Janet Cook, AU Girl,


Janet Cook, Empress,

Study For Gossamer

Janet Cook, Study For Gossamer,

At My Real Job

Tracy Deer, At My Real Job, 2014

The Boy in the Fur

Tracy Deer, The Boy in the Fur, 2012


Brendan Donleavy, Huginn, 2014


Brendan Donleavy, Muninn, 2014

The Thing Is, Suite 3 #3

Paula Elliott, The Thing Is, Suite 3 #3, 2013

The Thing Is, Suite 1 #3

Paula Elliott, The Thing Is, Suite 1 #3, 2012


Laura Fantini, Bond, 2013


Richard Fett, Untitled,


Richard Fett, Chaise,

Le Chapeau

Elaine Forrest, Le Chapeau, 2013


Elaine Forrest, Façonnable, 2013

Every Woman Alive

Elaine Forrest, Every Woman Alive, 2013

Lucky Strike

Elaine Forrest, Lucky Strike, 2013

Le Chien

Elaine Forrest, Le Chien, 2013

J Crew

Elaine Forrest, J Crew, 2013

Laughing Cow

Elaine Forrest, Laughing Cow, 2013

Covered (28)

Sean Gallagher, Covered (28), 2013

Covered (29)

Sean Gallagher, Covered (29), 2012

Female Satyr

Jerelyn Hanrahan, Female Satyr, 2006

Male Satyr

Jerelyn Hanrahan, Male Satyr, 2006


Christopher Hart Chambers, Botanica, 2006

Tidal Port, Green Magenta

Suejin Jo, Tidal Port, Green Magenta, 2012

Yellow Into Black

Suejin Jo, Yellow Into Black,

Deep Springs Valley VI

Justin Kim, Deep Springs Valley VI, 2013

Rain Forest

Elizabeth Knowles, Rain Forest,

Go to the Limits of Your Longing

Elizabeth Knowles, Go to the Limits of Your Longing,


Elizabeth Knowles, Fivetych,

Born With A Silver Spoon

Seunghwui Koo, Born With A Silver Spoon, 2012


Seunghwui Koo, Lambo, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Seunghwui Koo, Sunday Afternoon, 2012

No Place To Go

Seunghwui Koo, No Place To Go, 2013


David Lavine, Boom!, 2013



LOSS/FOUND: To The Moon and Back

Anthony Locane, LOSS/FOUND: To The Moon and Back, 2013

Double Torque

Elaine Longtemps, Double Torque, 2009

Trail of Tears/The Long Walk

Elaine Longtemps, Trail of Tears/The Long Walk, 2014

No One Is Listening

Elaine Longtemps, No One Is Listening, 2008

Sculpture With Two Balls

Elaine Longtemps, Sculpture With Two Balls, 2008

Fire From Water or Fracking America

Elaine Longtemps, Fire From Water or Fracking America, 2011

Adieu Ma Bonne Amie

Elaine Longtemps, Adieu Ma Bonne Amie, 2008

An Unexpected Turn

Elaine Longtemps, An Unexpected Turn, 2008

Offesa Modules One and Two

Elaine Longtemps, Offesa Modules One and Two, 2010


Elaine Longtemps, Hinoki, 2010


Elaine Longtemps, Trapped, 2008


Elaine Longtemps, CORKGUN, 2009


Elaine Longtemps, BAILOUT, 2009


Elaine Longtemps, Pappagallo, 2010

Piggy Back

Elaine Longtemps, Piggy Back, 2008

Juana de Arco

Jessica Maffia, Juana de Arco, 2010

The Blood of The Earth Is In The Smell of The Rain

Jessica Maffia, The Blood of The Earth Is In The Smell of The Rain, 2011

Creation Story

Jessica Maffia, Creation Story, 2010

On The Wall

Jessica Maffia, On The Wall, 2012


Terry Marks, Puddle, 2003

Mani-pulation #2

Daina Mattis, Mani-pulation #2, 2013

Select Stock

Daina Mattis, Select Stock, 2013


Gail Miller, Unraveling, 2010


Gail Miller, Entwined , 2010

Ducks in Flux #4

Carolyn Oberst, Ducks in Flux #4, 2013

Ducks in Flux #6

Carolyn Oberst, Ducks in Flux #6, 2013

Out of the Game

Carolyn Oberst, Out of the Game, 2014

Free Fall

Carolyn Oberst, Free Fall, 2014

She's Come Undone

Carolyn Oberst, She's Come Undone, 2014

Purple Orchid

David Outhwaite, Purple Orchid, 2013

Cell II

Sui Park, Cell II, 2014


Sui Park, Untitled, 2012

Blue Print

Sui Park, Blue Print, 2014

142 Ripples: steam

Chris Perry, 142 Ripples: steam, 2014

137 Ripples: condensate

Chris Perry, 137 Ripples: condensate, 2013

In Case You Haven't Heard

Vincent Pomilio, In Case You Haven't Heard, 2013

Growing Season

Vincent Pomilio, Growing Season, 2012

Everything All At Once

Vincent Pomilio, Everything All At Once, 2012

Between Thompson and Sullivan Streets

Vincent Pomilio, Between Thompson and Sullivan Streets, 2014


Gail Postal, Wilson, 2012


David Preddy, Rip, 2014


David Preddy, Shatter, 2014


David Preddy, Contain, 2013


Arlene Rush, Hershe, 2008


Gregory Santos, Bromance, 2012

Archimedes’ Screw

Gregory Santos, Archimedes’ Screw, 2012

Prayer Chair

Theresa Savage Cooper, Prayer Chair, 2012

For Shame

Jicky Schnee, For Shame, 2013

Perspectiva Artificialis

Andrew Schwartz, Perspectiva Artificialis, 2014

Daddy Long Legs

Mark Strodl, Daddy Long Legs, 2012

Window 1

Paul Antonio Szabo, Window 1, 2013

Window 2

Paul Antonio Szabo, Window 2, 2013

Window 3

Paul Antonio Szabo, Window 3, 2013

Maine Summer Night, Part 2

Carrie Waldman, Maine Summer Night, Part 2, 2014

Which Came First?

Martha Walker, Which Came First?, 2010


Lindsey Warren, Local, 2014

Turning of the light

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Turning of the light, 2013

Fragments of a Rainy Season

Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Fragments of a Rainy Season, 2014

Tree House

Dottie Wilson, Tree House, 2012

USA (one of three)

Dottie Wilson, USA (one of three), 1998


Dottie Wilson, Declaration, 1997

Nymphette Happy Hour

Dottie Wilson, Nymphette Happy Hour, 2007


Dottie Wilson, Hamptons, 2014


Dottie Wilson, Ride, 2008


Dottie Wilson, Cambodia , 2013

Sorry, No Title

Dottie Wilson, Sorry, No Title, 1996


Dottie Wilson, Private, 2012


Dottie Wilson, Daisy, 2001

Oval Lady Yo

Dottie Wilson, Oval Lady Yo, 1998

Aerial Landscape 046

Joyce Yamada, Aerial Landscape 046, 2012

Aerial Landscape 022

Joyce Yamada, Aerial Landscape 022, 2011

Aerial Landscape 041

Joyce Yamada, Aerial Landscape 041, 2012

Cloud Dancer

Charles Yoder, Cloud Dancer, 2008

Change At Jamaica

Charles Yoder, Change At Jamaica, 2011

Ancestral Fire

Alice Zinnes, Ancestral Fire, 2009


Robert Saywitz, Compulsion, 2013


Robert Saywitz, Shipwrecks, 2013

Piano Roll

Robert Saywitz, Piano Roll, 2013


Pasha Setrova, Panda, 2011

Black Rabbit

Pasha Setrova, Black Rabbit, 2014

Lollipop Art

Pasha Setrova, Lollipop Art, 2013

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