Bibro Fine Art, in Chelsea, New York is pleased to announce the Art from the Boros artist Mark Strodl’s solo exhibition, Wall Street and New York State of Mind, in the Platform Gallery. Running from October 30th- December 13th, 2014.

Strodl’s images capture the modern day struggles of men and women in New York. With his mysterious play on a variety of social situations he reveals issues that many New Yorkers deal with on a daily basis; the endless rat race of wealth and poverty. Wall Street is fodder for Strodl’s ammo, depicting his interaction and commentary on the status quo. He touches on compelling taboos that very few artists seek to tackle.

Strodl spends his time wandering the greater streets of New York City finding interesting images to capture. He then distorts and manipulates his images in order to create the effect and story he is looking for. What is unique to his work is the contrast between fantasy and reality he presents. By implementing his computer skills as his paintbrush, he contorts his realistic backgrounds of popular well-known areas of New York. He adds his own eerie whimsical and quirky characters creating his unique social commentary.

Mark Strodl is no stranger to the streets of New York; He is a true New Yorker. He attended The School of Visual Arts for Media. He has had a successful commercial career as an illustrator having worked for well known companies as BBDO and magazines such as Harpers, and Vogue to name a few.

Wall Street and New York State of Mind

Mark Strodl
October 30 - December 13, 2014
Opens October 30, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views


Daddy Long Legs

Mark Strodl, Daddy Long Legs, 2012


Mark Strodl, Tails, 2012

The Run

Mark Strodl, The Run, 2014

Pink Parachutes

Mark Strodl, Pink Parachutes, 2014


Mark Strodl, Gossip, 2013

Stalactites & Stalagmites

Mark Strodl, Stalactites & Stalagmites, 2014

Meadow Muffins

Mark Strodl, Meadow Muffins , 2014

Looking for America

Mark Strodl, Looking for America , 2014

Bird Cages

Mark Strodl, Bird Cages , 2013


Mark Strodl, Stoops , 2014


Mark Strodl, Decisions, 2013

Looking Forward

Mark Strodl, Looking Forward , 2014

Monopoly Man

Mark Strodl, Monopoly Man, 2013


Mark Strodl, Smothered , 2014


Mark Strodl, Jump, 2014


Mark Strodl, Roaming , 2014


Mark Strodl, Refuge , 2013

One Percent

Mark Strodl, One Percent , 2013

The Capitalist

Mark Strodl, The Capitalist , 2013

The Street Says...

Mark Strodl, The Street Says..., 2014

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