Denise Bibro Fine Art, in Chelsea, New York is pleased to announce Meaning In Print, a print show featuring six very talented print makers; Lisa Dinhofer, Thomas Edwards, Mark Hadjipateras, Robert Pillsbury, John Schiff and Charles Yoder. Running from December 18th- January 31st, 2015.
Robert Pillsbury and Charles Yoder seek nature and landscape as a source of inspiration for their work. Though their techniques differ both of their works depict the vastness of nature’s palette and space.
Mark Hadjipateras and John Schiff’s prints use organic and whimsical forms creating personal languages to present their own different realities.
Lisa Dinhofer and Thomas Edwards representational prints are masterfully executed, imputed with the subtleties and intricacies of nature’s environment and landscape.
This show illustrates some of the endless dynamic possibilities that this medium can afford printmakers.

Meaning in Print

December 18, 2014 - January 31, 2015
Opens December 12, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Tree Rings

Charles Yoder, Tree Rings , 2012

Mood Rings

Charles Yoder, Mood Rings, 2012

Rain Dance

Charles Yoder, Rain Dance, 2010

The High Ground

Charles Yoder, The High Ground, 2009

Blue Print Too

Charles Yoder, Blue Print Too , 2002

Night Light

Charles Yoder, Night Light , 2012

Fall Landscape

Thomas Edwards, Fall Landscape, 2014


Thomas Edwards, Fence-Shadow, 2014

Night Garden

Thomas Edwards, Night Garden, 2014

Prairie Landscape

Thomas Edwards, Prairie Landscape, 2014

Fresh Printed

John Schiff, Fresh Printed , 2000

Liberally Drenched

John Schiff, Liberally Drenched, 2000

Sleek Hide

John Schiff, Sleek Hide, 2000

Bennington 14

John Schiff, Bennington 14, 1997

Dragon Fly #3

Lisa Dinhofer, Dragon Fly #3, 1997

Contained Environment #1

Lisa Dinhofer, Contained Environment #1, 1999

Contained Environment #2

Lisa Dinhofer, Contained Environment #2, 1999

B #1

Lisa Dinhofer, B #1, 1997

B # 1.5

Lisa Dinhofer, B # 1.5, 1997


Mark Hadjipateras, #2011-075, 1997


Mark Hadjipateras, #2010-44, 2010


Mark Hadjipateras, #2011-070, 2011


Mark Hadjipateras, #2010-060, 2010

The Still of Evening

Robert Pillsbury, The Still of Evening, 2014


Robert Pillsbury, Luminosity, 2014

Lunar Castaway

Robert Pillsbury, Lunar Castaway, 2014

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