Due to the popular demand from our previous Art From the Boros shows, Denise Bibro Fine Art is excited to announce Art From The Boros III, on view July 23-August 15, 2015.

Out of hundreds of submissions, we traveled the city and pounded the pavement making studio visits to see the work of over 70 applicants, where only forty-plus artist were chosen. Their works are diverse in medium, aesthetics and content. Not only do they come from all socio and economic circumstance, the artists exhibited in this show have varied education backgrounds, from seasoned veterans of the city’s art scene to great undiscovered and self-taught talent. The juxtaposition of styles and media creates a dialogue between a vast amount of work by artists of all ages, practices and cultures, regardless of which Borough they reside.
In a world that often projects galleries as jaded and inaccessible, we are demonstrating that we value and share the desire to keep up with the bustling creativity all around us. Our experience illustrates that one should always be open to thinking outside the box, taking risks, and informing your aesthetic vocabulary – if only to continue to appreciate and understand, or to be brave enough to inform and broaden one’s world and visual horizons. We challenge the viewer to always be open and, of course, enjoy.

Artists Include: 
Olga Alexander, Pat Badt, Whitney Wood Bailey, Marc Brown, Candace Browne, Naomi Campbell, Woody Campbell, Brian Cavanaugh, Jason Cina, Marilyn Davidson, Cara Enteles, Camille Eskell, Laura Fantini, Robert Franca, David Fratkin, Nikki Geula, Yuka Imata, Laura Karetzky, Sol Kjøk, Elizabeth Knowles, Paul Kruger, Olga Lamm, Anthony Locane, Jessica Maffia, Vera Manzi-Schacht, Jo Mar, Stephanie Marcus, Gail Miller, Bruce Minson, Michael Mut, Douglas Newton, Jean-Antoine Norbert, David Outhwaite, Ellen Paxson, Ben Ponté, Aleksander Popovic, Gail Postal, Claudia Sbrissa, Barbara Schaefer, Linda Schmidt, Deborah Simon, Jeff Sundheim, Suprina, Mark Taber, Mariyah Tareen, London Tsai, Ateet Tuli, Martha Walker & Junko Yamada


WideWalls on Denise Bibro Fine Art Showing Art From the Boros III

Art From The Boros III

July 23 - August 15, 2015
Opens July 23, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views


Feminine Transcriptions

Olga Alexander, Feminine Transcriptions, 2013

 VCCA Day 1

Pat Badt, VCCA Day 1, 2012

Full Spectrum

Pat Badt, Full Spectrum, 2012

Cosmic Nostalgia 3

Whitney Wood Bailey, Cosmic Nostalgia 3, 2015

Bumper Car

Marc Brown, Bumper Car, 2014


Marc Brown, Loco-Motion, 2014

Pitchers of Thorny Flowers

Candace Browne, Pitchers of Thorny Flowers, 2010

Jesters are Wild

Naomi Campbell, Jesters are Wild, 2013

Chrysler Building

Woody Campbell, Chrysler Building , 2009

Chrysler Building

Woody Campbell, Chrysler Building, 2009

West Side

Woody Campbell, West Side, 2014

Citicorp New York

Woody Campbell, Citicorp New York, 2010

Post Office

Woody Campbell, Post Office , 2010

Words Cannot Describe (#love)

Brian Cavanaugh, Words Cannot Describe (#love), 2014

Slab 8/10

Jason A. Cina, Slab 8/10 ,

Morocccan Woman

Marilyn Davidson, Morocccan Woman , 2014

Summer's Stream

Cara Enteles, Summer's Stream,

Comin Up Roses

Camille Eskell, Comin Up Roses, 2013

Piccola e Sola (3) Tiny and Lonely (3)

Laura Fantini, Piccola e Sola (3) Tiny and Lonely (3), 2013

Hope (2)

Laura Fantini, Hope (2), 2015


Robert Franca, Bed, 2013


Robert Franca, Cradle , 2013

Treating the Question

David Fratkin, Treating the Question, 2008


Nikki Geula, Untitled , 2015

 Peonies –Dea–

Yuka Imata, Peonies –Dea–, 2015


Yuka Imata, Bare, 2014

I was a double

Laura Karetzky, I was a double, 2015

I found a pin in the rug

Laura Karetzky, I found a pin in the rug, 2014

String of Beads 32

Sol Kjøk, String of Beads 32,

Madonna & Child

Suprina, Madonna & Child, 2014


Elizabeth Knowles, Sprout, 2015


Elizabeth Knowles, Traces , 2015


Elizabeth Knowles, Bonding, 2015

Four By Four By Tree

Paul Kruger, Four By Four By Tree, 2014


Paul Kruger, Treebender, 2013

Light Box #5

Olga Lamm, Light Box #5, 2006

Light box #3

Olga Lamm, Light box #3, 2006

Jelly Fish Diptych

Anthony Locane, Jelly Fish Diptych, 2015

Please Don't Leave Your Religious Pamphlets Here

Jessica Maffia, Please Don't Leave Your Religious Pamphlets Here, 2014

El Alivio

Jessica Maffia, El Alivio , 2014


Vera Manzi-Schacht, L’Annunziata, 2005

Memory Palace Chamber: Tempietto Brilliant Splendor

Vera Manzi-Schacht, Memory Palace Chamber: Tempietto Brilliant Splendor , 2006

Falling To Pieces

Jo Mar, Falling To Pieces, 2012


Stephanie Marcus, Cinderella , 2013

Gold Swirl

Stephanie Marcus, Gold Swirl, 2015


Gail Miller, Within, 2015

Demons and the Better Angels

Bruce Minson, Demons and the Better Angels, 2014

Open Wound

Michael Mut, Open Wound, 2014

Magenta and Aqua

Douglas Newton, Magenta and Aqua , 2014

From Chaos to Light I

Jean-Antoine Norbert, From Chaos to Light I, 2013


David Outhwaite, Redshift, 2014

Yellow 2

Ellen Paxson, Yellow 2, 2014

Vacant Torso

Ben Ponté, Vacant Torso , 2014

Maternity 2.0 (after Soutine)

Ben Ponté, Maternity 2.0 (after Soutine) , 2014

The First Steps (after van Gogh after Millet)

Ben Ponté, The First Steps (after van Gogh after Millet), 2014

Sinking Islands IV

Aleksander Popovic, Sinking Islands IV, 2014

Leslie and Rachel

Gail Postal, Leslie and Rachel, 2013

House of Light

Claudia Sbrissa, House of Light, 2015

Ager Somnia (Field of Dreams)

Barbara Schaefer, Ager Somnia (Field of Dreams) , 2014

Blue grid - orange dots

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Blue grid - orange dots, 2014

Red Grid

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Red Grid, 2014

Ursus maritimus

Deborah Simon, Ursus maritimus, 2015

Ursus americanus Standing

Deborah Simon, Ursus americanus Standing, 2015


Jeff Sundheim, Pierogi, 2015

Totemic 54

Jeff Sundheim, Totemic 54, 2015

Guitarist, 8-3-2014

Mark Taber, Guitarist, 8-3-2014, 2014

Guitarist, 11-2014

Mark Taber, Guitarist, 11-2014, 2014

Guitarist, 8-30-2014

Mark Taber, Guitarist, 8-30-2014, 2014

Guitarist, 2-2014

Mark Taber, Guitarist, 2-2014, 2014


Mariyah Tareen, Tranquility, 2015

Humito, the little mushroom

London Tsai, Humito, the little mushroom, 2014

Sea Cucumber, the manifold possibilities of the infinite deep

London Tsai, Sea Cucumber, the manifold possibilities of the infinite deep , 2009-2011

Sisyphus' confidant

London Tsai, Sisyphus' confidant , 2009-2012


Ateet Tuli, (untitled), 2015


Ateet Tuli, (untitled), 2014


Ateet Tuli, (untitled), 2015

Reign of Tears

Martha Walker, Reign of Tears, 2010


Martha Walker, Pearl, 2008

Shirakawago III

Junko Yamada, Shirakawago III , 2011

Shirakawago IV

Junko Yamada, Shirakawago IV, 2011

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