Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea opens its Fall Season with a selected consortium of fresh talent chosen from our recent Art From the Boros III exhibition. Talents will run from September 10th- October 3rd, 2015. In Gallery I, we have a solo exhibition of Brooklyn artist Whitney Wood Bailey and in Gallery II a solo exhibition of Brooklyn artist Linda Kamille Schmidt. In our Platform Gallery we have a solo exhibition of Manhattan artist Jessica Maffia and throughout all three galleries we are soloing Brooklyn sculptor London Tsai. Each emerging artist has developed cohesive bodies of work using different mediums. Each body of work is well crafted and conveys the distinct voice of their respective creator.

Gallery I

WHITNEY WOOD BAILEY: Bailey’s lush canvases composed of intricate organic forms inspired by the metaphysicality of nature, imply that the design and orchestration of nature effect our consciousness. Her organic shapes are assimilated with her predetermined markings. The ‘ticking marks’ in her paintings are inspired, in part, by ancient art caves in France. These deliberate markings and the natural spontaneity of her process bring forward wondrous canvases that suggest “the idea of an intersection of faith, reason, instinct and intellect.”

Gallery II

LINDA KAMILLE SCHMIDT: Schmidt’s works are prompted by a series of subconscious gestural elements. In contrast, the final result is tightly conceived and crafted. She is inspired by the vast range of shapes in the universe from cellular to cosmic. Simple, elegant geometric shapes serve as characters or markers in her work. The subconscious interacts with geometric lines and shapes and may transform into games, systems of measurement or other organizational devices. Her works suggest exploration, invention and sometimes entertainment. The work sometimes suggests being a catalyst for ideas and solutions to various problems. Schmidt is looking and searching for metaphor and meaning within the formal structure of the inherent in her work.

Platform Space

JESSICA MAFFIA: Maffia’s works are inspired by the rich mark making of decay, residues and cracks on aging surfaces that she finds around her and in her travels. She considers these unintentional found art. She sees beauty in their forms, color or lack of. Her works are tightly rendered wall markings in pencil on paper. Although the works appear obsessive, they yield haunting, exquisite worlds that compel her and the viewer. She savors the process of looking at things closely to uncover the splendors in the ordinary and the insignificant.

Gallery I,II, and Platform Space

LONDON TSAI: Tsai’s work is primarily made of aluminum steel. His practice is mostly concerned with the nature of surface and the interaction of various surfaces on one form or a combination of forms. Employing hand tools, he likes to impart different shapes to flat pieces of aluminum. He is inspired by industrial machines to form planish, wield, cut, and weld to form a surface. He is intrigued by the concept of moving the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional to unveil surfaces that underline the structure, presenting a hybrid nature of architecture. Tsai’s process is slow and painstaking and proceeds panel by panel. Fine craftsmanship is vital to bringing these conceived objects into fruition.


Art From the Boros III Winners
September 10 - October 3, 2015
Opens September 10, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views


Cosmic Nostalgia 2

Whitney Wood Bailey, Cosmic Nostalgia 2, 2014

Cosmic Nostalgia 1

Whitney Wood Bailey, Cosmic Nostalgia 1, 2014

Collective Harmonies 4

Whitney Wood Bailey, Collective Harmonies 4, 2013

Order/Chaos 57

Whitney Wood Bailey, Order/Chaos 57, 2015

Re-Imagined 2

Whitney Wood Bailey, Re-Imagined 2, 2015

Order Chaos 36

Whitney Wood Bailey, Order Chaos 36, 2012

El Alivio

Jessica Maffia, El Alivio , 2014

Long Island City

Jessica Maffia, Long Island City, 2014

Please Don't Leave Your Religious Pamphlets Here

Jessica Maffia, Please Don't Leave Your Religious Pamphlets Here, 2014

The Birth of Little Heaven

Jessica Maffia, The Birth of Little Heaven, 2013

125th Street

Jessica Maffia, 125th Street, 2013

And Us?

Jessica Maffia, And Us?, 2013

All the World Spilled Out

Jessica Maffia, All the World Spilled Out, 2013

Too Much Dreaming is Bad for the Health

Jessica Maffia, Too Much Dreaming is Bad for the Health, 2013

The Whole World Was Drawn with Just One Pen

Jessica Maffia, The Whole World Was Drawn with Just One Pen, 2012

On the Wall

Jessica Maffia, On the Wall, 2012

Just Before the Fall

Jessica Maffia, Just Before the Fall, 2011

12,960 Minutes of Silence

Jessica Maffia, 12,960 Minutes of Silence, 2014


Jessica Maffia, Firenze, 2011

Red Loops

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Red Loops, 2014

Blue Rope

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Blue Rope, 2015

Blue Loops- White Circles

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Blue Loops- White Circles, 2015


Linda Kamille Schmidt, Cluster, 2015

Untitled (Purple Bars)

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Untitled (Purple Bars), 2015

Blue Shade

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Blue Shade, 2014

Pink Circle

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Pink Circle, 2014

Brown Circle

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Brown Circle, 2014


Linda Kamille Schmidt, Pulse, 2-15


Linda Kamille Schmidt, LK, 2009-15


Linda Kamille Schmidt, Steps, 2012


Linda Kamille Schmidt, LK, 2013-15


Linda Kamille Schmidt, Flutter, 2012

Weave 2

Linda Kamille Schmidt, Weave 2, 2012

Sea Cucumber, the manifold possibilities of the infinite deep

London Tsai, Sea Cucumber, the manifold possibilities of the infinite deep , 2009-2011

Humito, the little mushroom

London Tsai, Humito, the little mushroom, 2014

Sisyphus' confidant

London Tsai, Sisyphus' confidant , 2009-2012

Time Machine Component (Tralfamadore)

London Tsai, Time Machine Component (Tralfamadore), 2012

Tell-tale Klein

London Tsai, Tell-tale Klein, 2010-15

Got Milk?

London Tsai, Got Milk?, 2011

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