December 1- 6, 2015
Art Miami Pavilion, Midtown
Wynwood Arts District
Booth CTX56

Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce its participation in CONTEXT Art Miami 2015 in the Wynwood Arts District. CONTEXT, in its 3rd year, continues to be the proven distinction for emerging and mid-career cutting-age works of art. CONTEXT and its adjacent fair, Art Miami, celebrate and present an array of dynamic projects establishing themselves as the anchor event of Art Week in Miami. Denise Bibro Fine Art is featuring paintings by Dusty Boynton, multi-media works by Jerry Meyer, and sculptures by Mark Hadjipateras and Sui Park.

Dusty Boynton: “The noted art historian and critic Donald Kuspit, in a nutshell, describes Boynton as, “a masterful colorist and gesturalist, but above all her works are painterly drawings… It is uncannily urgent and ingeniously autonomous…whatever is pictorial function. Integrating fantasy and purity, Boynton produces memorable works evocative of memories that run deep in all of us.”

Jerry Meyer: “Combining Borscht Belt gags and Woody Allen–ish angst over sex and death, Jerry Meyer has assembled an arcade of wit and quirky nostalgia. Wall-mounted light boxes—bright with Pop colors and filled with images, objects, and joking text—beckon your attention like those old Coney Island machines that assessed your personality for a dime.”
-Robert Shuster, Village Voice

Mark Hadjipateras: “This is an art whose childlike forms are capable of reaching, indeed of
moving, an audience, by virtue of their immediacy and sense of reality as funky but complex emanations of mind. Hadjipateras may exist between categories, but he makes a unity of his conflicts define his status and so offers us strong art."
-John Goodman, Art in America

Sui Park: Sui Park’s sculptural forms are biomorphic, echoing the limitless shapes of nature. Her larger installations, some of which were featured at Governors Island in 2014, often envelope or surround natures wonders such as trees and foliage.

VIP Premiere Gala:
December 1st, 2015
5:30-10 pm


Dusty Boynton, Jerry Meyer, Mark Hadjipateras, Sui Park
December 1 - December 6, 2015
Opens December 1, 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Headspinner IV (One More Minute)

Jerry Meyer, Headspinner IV (One More Minute), 2012

Yikes Music

Jerry Meyer, Yikes Music, 2011

The Refractory Period

Jerry Meyer, The Refractory Period, 2014


Dusty Boynton, Madonna, 2010


Dusty Boynton, Sisters, 2011


Dusty Boynton, Maize, 2003

Stand Tall

Dusty Boynton, Stand Tall , 2013

Being Me

Dusty Boynton, Being Me, 2012


Dusty Boynton, Cupcake, 2013

Pierotos (Big)

Mark Hadjipateras, Pierotos (Big) #2012-023, 2012

Pinochio standing & leaning (Big)
#2010 - 112

Mark Hadjipateras, Pinochio standing & leaning (Big) #2010 - 112, 2010

Turbo II

Mark Hadjipateras, Turbo II #2013-014, 2013

Bloom Series 3

Sui Park, Bloom Series 3 , 2011

Bloom Series 5

Sui Park, Bloom Series 5, 2013


Sui Park, Untitled, 2012

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