By popular demand, Denise Bibro Fine Art announces Art From The Boros IV, on view July 14-August 13, 2016. After a multitude of submissions and studio visits, forty-one diverse artists were selected to participate in this group show highlighting talent found within New York City’s five boroughs.

Art From the Boros IV exemplifies the eclectic artistic community of New York City, showing a varied range of genres of art and mediums. With a nod to the Renaissance and Dutch painting, artists Thurston Belmer and Sally Cochrane create rich, highly representational contemporary paintings referencing the great masters through light and application. Roger Preston’s Heathcliff shares a similar worldly feel in a contemporary fashion as photographer Zeren Badar’s Very first Accident mocks the propriety of the old world. In contrast, paintings by artists Jack Rosenberg and Robert Jessel rely on thick, often staccato brushstrokes to create and highlight their compositions while Courtney Bae’s evenly painted figurative narratives and Petey Brown’s lusciously painted swimmers are quirky and often, whimsical.

The fourth edition of Art From The Boros, also, features three-dimensional works and multi-media videos such as the deftly manipulated wood assemblages by Mikhail Gubin countered by the sleek, polished metal works and bronzes by Daniel Sinclair. Artist Mirena Rhee offers a fresh, personal perspective through animated interpretations of her own hand drawings. In a world that often projects galleries as being jaded and inaccessible, we are demonstrating that we are one that values and shares the desire to keep abreast with the bustling creativity all around us.

Artists: Margery Appelbaum, Zeren Badar, Courtney Bae, Thurston Belmer, Petey Brown, Kenneth Burris, Bob Clyatt, Sally Cochrane, Marilyn Davidson, Andre Eamiello, Laura Fantini, Anne Finkelstein, Mikhail Gubin, Yasmin Gur, Amir Hariri, Robert Jessel, Elizabeth Knowles, Amanda Konishi, Kate Lawless, Amanda Lenox, Park McGinty, Harvey Milman, Maria Morabito, Laura Mosquera, Suyeon Na, AJ Nadel, Douglas Newton, Kathleen Newton, Lisa Petker-Mintz, Ben Ponté, Roger Preston, Chelsea Ramirez, Mirena Rhee, Jack Rosenberg, Zvi Schreiber, Daniel Sinclair, Jeff Sundheim, Paul Antonio Szabo, Scott Walker, Lucy Wilner, and Charles Yoder.


Arte Fuse: “Distance Avails Not”: Art from the Boros IV

Art From the Boros IV

July 14 - August 13, 2016
Opens July 14, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Installation Views



Charles Yoder, Sideways, 2006

Very First Accident

Zeren Badar, Very First Accident, 2013


Mikhail Gubin, Gridlocked, 2014

Mirrors on the Wall

AJ Nadel, Mirrors on the Wall,

Time to Fly Away

Kenneth Burris, Time to Fly Away, 2015

New Whitney

Anne Finkelstein, New Whitney, 2016

Fire Escape

Anne Finkelstein, Fire Escape, 2016

Three Models

Courtney Bae, Three Models, 2016

Puzzle 1

Paul Antonio Szabo, Puzzle 1,

Puzzle 2

Paul Antonio Szabo, Puzzle 2,

Puzzle 3

Paul Antonio Szabo, Puzzle 3,

Puzzle 4

Paul Antonio Szabo, Puzzle 4,

Madison Square Park

Robert Jessel, Madison Square Park,


Petey Brown, Floatblue, 2015


Petey Brown, Bluetoenails, 2015


Petey Brown, Splash, 2015


Petey Brown, Strokes, 2014-16


Petey Brown, Redcap, 2015

Double Geisha

Jack Rosenberg, Double Geisha, 2016

Pool House

Amir Hariri, Pool House, 2016

Milk Allergy

Sally Cochrane, Milk Allergy, 2015

Celiac Disease

Sally Cochrane, Celiac Disease, 2013

Face and Travels 3

Andre Eamiello, Face and Travels 3, 2016

Face and Travels 8

Andre Eamiello, Face and Travels 8, 2016


Kathleen Newton, Summertime, 2009

Seated Woman

Mikhail Gubin, Seated Woman, 2013


Suyeon Na, Wonderland, 2015

Tumbling Blue Shifting

Laura Mosquera, Tumbling Blue Shifting, 2015

Man on a Tall Pillar, Both Arms Down v2

Bob Clyatt, Man on a Tall Pillar, Both Arms Down v2, 2012

Large Suburban House and the People that Live There

Lisa Petker-Mintz, Large Suburban House and the People that Live There, 2009

Untitled #3

Thurston Belmer, Untitled #3, 2016


Kate Lawless, Ready, 2016


Daniel Sinclair, Vampire, 2013

One Train

Ben Ponté, One Train, 2015

Tired Eyes

Scott Walker, Tired Eyes, 2016

Faith/Doubt Part III

Scott Walker, Faith/Doubt Part III, 2015


Yasmin Gur, Downtown, 2014

One and a Half

Suyeon Na, One and a Half, 2015

Winter Diagrams (Ed. 6/6)

Mirena Rhee, Winter Diagrams (Ed. 6/6), 2012

Hand Painted Ocean (Ed. 7/7)

Mirena Rhee, Hand Painted Ocean (Ed. 7/7), 2011


Laura Mosquera, EQ04-16, 2016


Lucy Wilner, Vademecum, 2014

The Man Who Knew Bill Grey

Amanda Lenox, The Man Who Knew Bill Grey, 2015

Cloud Cover

Daniel Sinclair, Cloud Cover, 2013


Marilyn Davidson, Red, 2014

Possessed by History

Marilyn Davidson, Possessed by History, 1996-2016

City Shadows

Harvey Milman, City Shadows, 2012

Spring Forward

Charles Yoder, Spring Forward, 2015


Scott Walker, Reaching, 2016


Scott Walker, Warped, 2016

On and On and On and On

Chelsea Ramirez, On and On and On and On, 2015

This is Not a Leaf

Laura Fantini, This is Not a Leaf, 2014

An Electrifying Moment

Laura Fantini, An Electrifying Moment, 2014

Poem O #3

Maria Morabito, Poem O #3,

Portrait of War

Margery Appelbaum, Portrait of War, 2014


Amanda Konishi, mmcXcp, 2016

Gold Abstract I

Roger Preston, Gold Abstract I, 2004

Gold Abstract II

Roger Preston, Gold Abstract II, 2004

Poem O #1

Maria Morabito, Poem O #1,

Poem O #2

Maria Morabito, Poem O #2,


Roger Preston, Heathcliff, 2007

Poem O #4

Maria Morabito, Poem O #4,

Tragic End of the Girl with the Pearl Earring

Zeren Badar, Tragic End of the Girl with the Pearl Earring, 2013

Ping Pong Balls

Park McGinty, Ping Pong Balls, 2011

Sarah Lost in Thought

AJ Nadel, Sarah Lost in Thought,


Elizabeth Knowles, Unfurl, 2016

Yellow and Blue

Douglas Newton, Yellow and Blue, 2016

Fuchsia and Violet

Douglas Newton, Fuchsia and Violet, 2015

Passion Fruit

Daniel Sinclair, Passion Fruit, 1992


Daniel Sinclair, Dragonfly, 2013

You Have Seen it Growing

Elizabeth Knowles, You Have Seen it Growing, 2016

Faith/Doubt Part I

Scott Walker, Faith/Doubt Part I, 2015


Scott Walker, Faith/Doubt, 2015

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