DENISE BIBRO FINE ART, announces its summer installation of works from its backroom, OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Featuring works by John Beardman, Gordon Boardman, Dusty Boynton, Jeremy Comins, Sara Crisp, Carla Goldberg, Mark Hadjipateras, Mildred Herman, Jerry Meyer, Douglas Newton, Charles Olson, Michael Poast, Tim Ripley, and Jan Wunderman.

We will not have to tap hands and say “NO!” for the summer. Our summer installation is comprised of works from the place that many want to go, but we usually don’t allow – our backroom. This group installation is comprised of gallery and guest artists. Works exhibited display a broad range of media and genres of art: conceptual … abstract … representational …. This exhibition will give insight into the depth and girth of the art we represent. Our wonderful inventory will make you want to make an appointment to view and acquire work for your art collection.

Out of the Closet

June 27 - July 28, 2018
Opens June 27, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



John Beardman, Untitled, 1995

Closer Than It Looks

Gordon Boardman, Closer Than It Looks, 2002


Dusty Boynton, 94, 2017

Unfolded #10

Jeremy Comins, Unfolded #10, 2013

Tree Climber

Jeremy Comins, Tree Climber, 1992

Protected II

Jeremy Comins, Protected II, 1997


Jeremy Comins, Plateau , 1980

Untitled (Gourd/Spiral #1)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (Gourd/Spiral #1), 2007

Untitled (Paper Rose I)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (Paper Rose I), 2013

How Flowers Have Changed the World #1

Sara Crisp, How Flowers Have Changed the World #1, 2014

How Flowers Have Changed the Worls #8

Sara Crisp, How Flowers Have Changed the Worls #8, 2014

Paper Rose #6

Sara Crisp, Paper Rose #6, 2014

Untitled (Lotus Wheel Petals)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (Lotus Wheel Petals), 2018

Untitled (7 Poppy Pods)

Sara Crisp, Untitled (7 Poppy Pods), 2005

Hudson River - Early Fog

Carla Goldberg, Hudson River - Early Fog, 2014

Neva River

Carla Goldberg, Neva River, 2014

Big Blue

Mark Hadjipateras, Big Blue, 2000


Mildred Hermann, Metamorphosis,

Metamorphosis (For Artie)

Mildred Hermann, Metamorphosis (For Artie), 1989

Forget It!

Jerry Meyer, Forget It!, 2014

Magenta and Aqua

Douglas Newton, Magenta and Aqua , 2014

Yellow and Blue

Douglas Newton, Yellow and Blue, 2016


Charles Olson, Honors, 1997

Ex Voto: Rose

Charles Olson, Ex Voto: Rose, 1999

Ex Voto: Luna

Charles Olson, Ex Voto: Luna, 1999

Beginning of Time

Michael Poast, Beginning of Time,


Tim Ripley, Annie, 2012

Purple Rain

Tim Ripley, Purple Rain, 2012


Jan Wunderman, Roubidoux, 1988


Jan Wunderman, Covina, 1984

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