Denise Bibro Fine Art, in Chelsea, NYC is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of New York artist, Susan Woods, Drawing with Metal, running October 11 – November 10, 2018.

Woods’ primary focus throughout her extensive career has been sculpture and functional sculptural art. Recently she has also completed a body of impactful, autobiographical based drawings.

Woods’ sculpture and drawings share a common force. Her sculpture, although often rooted in an idea or observation, are still spontaneous and organic. Their beginnings do not necessarily dictate their endings. Her works, however spontaneous, are carefully crafted. Her metal works are three-dimensional drawings on the surface, but they are also intricate compositions packed with multi-directions. The juxtaposed geometric and organic forms in these works suggest interesting compositions of space and line. The trajectory of each composition is multifaceted. The interplay of black and white creates depth. They evoke three dimensionalities of form and space.

Her body of drawings, although often importing the same modus operandi as her sculptures, is more autobiographical. There are references to happenings and natural landscapes. The compositions are more biomorphic, flowing in line and demonstrating rich shading to define the composition and nuance.

Woods has had numerous exhibitions. Among her solo shows are 479 Gallery in Philadelphia, PA and The Seaport Museum, Salem, MA. She has also exhibited at The W Hotels, Chicago International Art Exposition & The Jayson Gallery, Chicago, IL, The Vera Redmond Gallery, The Woodmere Museum and The Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art in Philadelphia, PA and The Sculpture Center, NYC. Her works have been acquired by several selected public and private collections including Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ, PLC Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Lincoln Center Film Society Café, New York, NY, H. H. Shekh Suroor Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan, The Etihad Tower-Abu Dhabi, UAE, Aveda-NYC & Washington, D.C., Ann Taylor-New York, NYC, W-Hotels, Union Square, NYC, Silver Jet Airlines, VIP Lounge-Newark, Airport, NJ, Cartier & Fortuni, NYC, AC Hotel in Minneapolis, MN to name a few. She has been featured in many publications including Interior Design Magazine, The New York Times, Metropolis, NYC, Crain’s, The New York Sun, The New York Daily News, Metropolitan Home, Surface and The Dallas Morning News.

Woods studied at the Montserrat School of Visual Art, Beverly, MA; The Boston Museum College of Art & Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA; The Sculpture Center & National School of Design, NYC and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

Susan Woods: Drawing with Metal

October 11 - November 10, 2018
Opens October 11, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Susan Woods, Fate, 2018

South of the Border

Susan Woods, South of the Border, 2009


Susan Woods, Chaos, 2011

Land Art & Symbols

Susan Woods, Land Art & Symbols, 2010

Spring Movement

Susan Woods, Spring Movement, 2017

Space Cadet

Susan Woods, Space Cadet, 2014

Space Crab

Susan Woods, Space Crab, 2014

Urban Landscape

Susan Woods, Urban Landscape, 2016

The Thicket

Susan Woods, The Thicket , 2012


Susan Woods, Love, 2018


Susan Woods, Mask, 2013

Landing Pads

Susan Woods, Landing Pads, 2014

Flemish + Kitsch = Still Life

Susan Woods, Flemish + Kitsch = Still Life, 2015

Flower Power

Susan Woods, Flower Power, 2017

Planter with Flowers and Rings

Susan Woods, Planter with Flowers and Rings, 2017

Planter with Top Spring

Susan Woods, Planter with Top Spring, 2017

Planter with Bottom Spring

Susan Woods, Planter with Bottom Spring, 2017


Susan Woods, Metamorphosis, 2016


Susan Woods, Roots, 2015

Roots 2

Susan Woods, Roots 2, 2015

Call of the Wild

Susan Woods, Call of the Wild, 2015

Bone Study

Susan Woods, Bone Study, 2013

Bone Study

Susan Woods, Bone Study, 2013

Bone Study

Susan Woods, Bone Study, 2013

Rave Wave Bench

Susan Woods, Rave Wave Bench, 2005

He Creates Sorrow in Me

Susan Woods, He Creates Sorrow in Me, 2015

We Come and we Go

Susan Woods, We Come and we Go, 2014

A Flower Offer

Susan Woods, A Flower Offer, 2015

And they Care for each other

Susan Woods, And they Care for each other , 2016

And the Warrior, She Smiles

Susan Woods, And the Warrior, She Smiles, 2014


Susan Woods, Ruins, 2016

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